sPOP - Istantanea dello spopolamento in Sardegna

"sPOP. Istantanea dello spopolamento in Sardegna" is the publication containing the new research by Sardarch Collective dedicated to demographic phenomena that are affecting the region. The book, published by Lettera Ventidue Edizioni, analyzes the phenomenon of depopulation through many detailed studies and describes 31 endangered towns by an atlas in which texts, infographics, geo-maps and photography returns this articulated geography.

The photographic campaign brings back the complexity of the phenomenon and its consequences through a survey on the relationship between places and identities. The 31 photographs collected in the book are illustrative of each town, but as a whole - and this is the logic with which they must be read with - return a sequence constructed with the intention of returning the reflection of what emanates, today, their entirety: the photographs may be all of a single country, or, on the contrary, each being part of any of them. The task of these images - part of a much larger corpus - is to restore a state of fact, giving visibility both to the potentialities and the critical issues, with the aim to raise questions rather than provide answers or made hasty judgments.


1.Aidomaggiore // 2.Anela // 3.Ardauli // 4.Armungia // 5.Asuni // 6.Ballao // 7.Baradili // 8.Bortigiadas // 9.Borutta // 10.Cheremule // 11.Esterzili // 12.Giave // 13.Mara // 14.Martis // 15.Monteleone Roccadoria // 16.Montresta // 17.Morgongiori // 18.Nughedu S.N. // 19.Nughedu S.V. // 20.Padria // 21.Ruinas // 22.Semestene // 23.Seulo // 24.Simala // 25.Sini // 26.Soddì // 27.Sorradile // 28.Ulà Tirso // 29.Ussassai // 30.Villa Sant'Antonio // 31.Villaverde - More info: www.instagram.com/stefano.ferrando