Clément Blanchet Architecture is pleased to present his proposal for the international competition of the XXth Museum in Berlin

The museum of the twentieth century in Berlin is an architectural synthesis materializing the concept of time: an experience that reveals a context in which the space, the time, the movement and the city function together. The project illustrates the effort to see the city and the museum content organized in chronological layers. It is a diagrammatic translation of a museum background organized in layers respecting the timeline of history.

The project approach is implemented in two stages:

• The first is through the museum as a whole via a «room» lift. This crossing time of rapid and potentially in line the route of the Neue Gallery is a learning path (1900 to 2000) which allows the traveler to better decide his desires. It allows to meet the knowledge and to better understand its museum itinerary.
• Arriving at the end of the century and at the highest point, the visitor can contemplate a global vision on the territory of Berlin. The visitor is able to choose a course either comprehensive and continuous, or targeted, or guided.

The project provides a critical framework for the history of the last century. The Neue Gallery and Museum are linked. They are a base and a tower, connected by a line.

  • A line built between the top and bottom, between the base of the Neue Galerie and the top of the new Museum.
  • A taut line between the front 45 and after 45, between the works and history;
  • A line between the beginning and the end of the twentieth century, between movements and artists;
  • A line between expression and perception, between works and men;

It is therefore a place with multiple identities, developed by successive echoes of shapes, volumes and stories. A place of emotion that overlays, splits and redoubles its elements in order to create the strongest sense, an interface, an encompassing environment. The human inhabitant is subtracted from the reality and transformed in a spectator.