The project is located in Gentilly, closer town from Paris in the first ring around it. As our project constituted of a mixed program of offices and housing, the town always had a double identity: residential and economic.

The aim of the spatial planning of this sector is multiple: it has to be at the same time a window for the city especially from the peripheral, be the symbol of gate until Paris, and facilitate the transition to the Chaperon Vert area. We are carrying out in line with the orientations of the local planning of urbanism three principles to achieve those objectives:

  • To build the offices along the Paul Vaillant Couturier Avenue.
  • A generous green space inside the building operation and also the development of a path between the Paul Vaillant Couturier Avenue and the Chaperon Vert area.

  • The construction of a housing building with a commercial ground floor in the South of the site in front of the Chaperon Vert area.

The architectural concept that guides the implantation, the organization and the composition of the building volumes preserves a coherence between the building volumes and the direct context. We are looking for a modulation in function of each urban situation that characterizes the urban environment of Gentilly around the building site.
So, the building office along the Paul Vaillant Couturier Avenue faces the peripheral and other similar operations of activity in the North of the site, while is developing in the South the housing building near an urban fabric mostly composed by housing. Every volume is focused to insert itself in the scale of the ways around and to answer as best as possible to the character of the environment.