How to subtly integrate a place as full of meaning as a cemetery?
In front the weight represented by the symbolism and the materiality of such a place, we decided to slip a metal sheet as a roof covering into it. The modesty and lightness of this intervention don’t take anything from the distinctive personality of a clear geometry in a heavily framed place, that the entanglement of headstones makes difficult to comprehend. Not too visible and not self- effacing: the project finds its balance in its interaction with the context, in a discreet and simple way.
Perceivable by the visitors from the different entries to the cemetery, the shelter has the form of the most simple polygon: a triangle.
Under a golden surface, whose material is reflecting a clear floor, the visitor can cross the shelter, sit down and enjoy the panoramic view of the city, before getting together with his family and friends to pay their respects to a loved one. The iridescent underside creates an environment bringing warmth and comfort, whatever skies above.