BA Art Space

BA Art Space opened to the public in 2016 to provide new gallery spaces, a shop and a café’ in Shanghai Pudong area. The existing building basement was renovated to include 2000sqm of exhibition space and to house events and workshops on a temporary basis.

The building is divided in three areas: the Dark Gallery, the Bright Gallery and the Gardens.

The Dark Gallery is a quiet and intimate exhibition space, a black box suitable for sounds and video art installations.

The Bright gallery is a large, white space. Two skylights allow the light from the outside to flood the space. It is the perfect venue for large art installation, public events and workshops.

The Gardens are the entrance to the galleries. A bar and seating area offer a fresh and relaxing space to the visitors.

Since its opening BA Art Space has been increasingly drawing the interests of both public and critics in the art scene of Shanghai.