Federal Ministry for Education and Research

A Sustainable Urban Building Block
The restrained architectural design of the new building orients itself toward the existing urban landscape of the Spreebogen. As a connecting link among the structures along the riverbank, the free-standing building calms its heterogeneous urban setting with its continuous roofline and clearly structured facade. The entrance area is defined by a staggered arrangement of public, semipublic and private space. Inside, the focus is on the quality of the office ambiance. Lacking as it does any parapet, the façade permits an unobstructed view from the desk into the urban space. The energy supply for the building was designed with a holistic approach in conjunction with specialist planners. The integrative planning team came up with a concept in which 80% of the electrical energy is generated internally. A smart grid optimises the combination of the individual system components – gas-operated fuel cell, cogeneration unit, photovoltaic panels on the roofs and façade – taking into account actual load ranges. Under the aspect of sustainability, 27 years of operation was calculated.