The Dawning City, 1970-85

It's a proposal for a new Florence city centre, replacing the existing one, quite ugly, that was realized between the end of the 19th century and the first years of the 20th one. As it occupies the site of the ancient Roman Florentia, the project recovers its memory, its layout, and indeed the very root of the city, taking from it the impulse to operate a new foundation of Florence. With this, the new centre might become an university campus, opened to the young people from over the world.
In the crossing between the carduus and the decumanus, revived in the project, it's proposed to build the “Flower”, a multi-auditorium whose covering is like a large plaza for the students meetings.
The project and the philosophy that underlie it are illustrated in the book “La Città Nascente”, Dedalo 1985, by the same author. They can also be found on internet with an English text.