The project:

The goal of the project was to unite a call center and 40-person offices in the same space. The 238 square meter floor is organized around a central core where the entrances and technical infrastructures are located. A meeting room and common areas for lunch and breaks are located on each of the wings alongside the working spaces. All the furniture was custom made to adapt the discontinuous structural grid. All electrical wires are hidden within the furniture. A curved-wall manager’s office was built in the remaining space to optimize the room. The limited number of doors and walls improves the movement of people and encourages an instinctive understanding of the space. Flexible extruded PVC curves the corners of the square meeting room. They are doubled by a curtain that wraps around the table to give the meetings some required privacy. The three-meters wide round table is made out of night blue mineral resin. The common area space was optimized through the building of a single 6m40 length resin unit with a built-in sink and worktops.

Desks are made with MDF with a white lacquer finish. Their structures hide all electrical wires. The wood has a sharp and light look, paper-folding like, given by the highly detailed chamfer. This material is tensioned with galvanized perforated steel plates that were previously stiffened through folding. They play a visual separation role and personal belongings can be hanged onto them.

Floor covering is made out of cork which was carefully selected for its acoustic insulating properties as well as its natural flexibility. Its grain helps for the flooring to be viewed as a unique and continuous element throughout the offices.

The opalescent glass offers smooth light scattering and distorts shapes. The transparency effects caused by the perforated mesh provokes are such an example.
The thickness of the staff allowed the negative integration of the light fittings, hence an indirect lighting emphasizing the shapes.