Subsolanus, is the result of the first public competition held by LIGA, Space for Architecture, DF. Out of the 140 proposals received from ten different countries, the jury selected the project by the Brazilian team made up of Anna Juni, Enk te Winkel, Gustavo Delonero [vão] + Marina Canhadas.

Photos by Luis Gallardo

The winning proposal is possibly the most daring of all the competition entries, and indeed one of the most challenging in the history of LIGA. Availing of the competition, the logistical issues that normally limit the evolution of any exhibition project found themselves subordinated to the poetic beauty of an invisible gesture: conveying the air from the roof of the building designed by the architect Augusto Alvarez more than 30 meters down to the street level gallery, using a 60 cm diameter transparent plastic tube. The two spaces that comprise LIGA are thus physically connected for the first time: the gallery on the ground floor and the penthouse that hosts the lectures, debates, and interludes. In this way too, communication is established between the immediacy of the city dweller’s scale and that of the panoramic view of the city, between the human and the urban, practice and theory. Subsolanus gives rise to a metaphorical action whose effect—the wind entering the gallery—depends on weather conditions, and as such is inevitably outside of our control. Text by LIGA, Space for Architecture.
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