Via dei tessuti - Biella, ITALY

Every two years Sella Onlus Foundation gives the opportunity to ten architects under 30 to work inside of an old wool mill, property of Sella family. The old mill, in rather decaying conditions, is composed of several attached buildings, all different and all realized in different periods.
The pursuit of the Biennale is to develop new models of improvements for this place, in relation to the urban context and cultural landscape. In order to understand better the situation of the site, the curators have organized a visit, where every group had the possibility to choose the place where their installation would take place. Walking through the ruins, we fell in love with the inner street.
A backbone that connects and is attached to different periods, a promenade where thousands of people met, a street that once was full of life. Nowadays this condition is absent, and for this reason we decided to make a presentation that would express our vision for the future of the street.
A white veil, hanging from the ruins of the woolen mill, defines a static moment in a place of transition. The elegant roof, made of aluminum and yarn from Biella, invites visitors to stop, to use this space and not only to cross it. Under the roof one is not really uncovered, not really covered. Underneath, simply placed inside of existing windows, Four images are presented on white aluminum.
Four visions, four scenarios that depict new strategies for the factory; The festival, Cinema, The Market, The parade. As the built pavilion, they represent possible solutions to relaunch the economic and cultural scene of Biella, where the industrial landscapes will form the backdrop.