Metro Brescia

This work is a turning point in the city’s urban transport system. The Metrobus project is a transportation system based on small, driverless electric vehicles. The global length of the line is equal to 13.7km, where 5.9km are in tunnel, 4.8km are in cut & cover, 1.3km are at grade and 1.7km in viaduct.

The 17 stations are divided as follow:

5 shallow stations (Prealpino, Casazza, Mompiano, Europa, San Polo),
8 deep stations (Ospedale, Marconi, San Faustino, Vittoria, Stazione FS, Bresciadue, Lamarmora, Volta)
2 at grade stations (Poliambulanza, San Polo Parco)
2 elevated stations (Sanpolino and Sant’Eufemia – Buffalora)