Architecture of the time

The ring out of this valley is not changed, it's the same silent which someone heard long ago, long before your passing.
Nothing ever happens here. But if you have patience when you stopping, you can understand how the atmosphere you breathe in this place is ancient, it's chimes in ethereal way. It's the architecture who is talking about this.
You can see, towards valley, the bell tower and the historic tower and between them the castle walls. The space between them has something pleasantly melancholy.
Today there are much more woods and you can note some more roofs, maybe too many, but you feel a sensation that make you think that the passing of the time and of its hours and days and seasons, suggests that nothing has changed. This because the silent formed in this space is the same that resonated from hundreds years, to stop it there is the bell tower which products the same full sound expanding in the valley.
From this place the presence of the bell tower is not indifferent. It imposes on the landscape like a strong vertical element able to break the linearity of the surrounding mountains. It conditions the nearby architecture which remains constrained by the constant rhythm of the passage of time, punctuated with extreme precision by the tolling of bells.
It feels the need to bring in to the project the meaning of "Time".