Europan 13 - Azenha do Mar, Portugal

A Handmade Proposal for a Hands-on Community

Azenha do Mar is a tiny fishing village along the internationally famous Rota Vicentina coastline of Southwest Portugal. The rich geographical setting and steady flow of visitors is at odds with the town's dwindling population and near extinction of economic activities.
In order for Azenha do Mar to ensure its future sustainability in a rapidly changing climate, it must draw from the most powerful survival mechanism of its past: its ability to adapt to both land and water, or its "amphibian" nature. Amphibia, a term derived from the Greek "amphibios", or "living a double life", extends the potential of Azenha do Mar beyond the literal land-water binary to encompass new amphibious lifestyles, readily adaptable to changing social and economic conditions.