STAVANGER(NO) INDIGO | E13 Special Mention

EUROPAN 13 - Stavanger, Norway
The aim is to build a grid of spaces where promote the “something to do” and limit the kilometres of falsely urbanized streets that only serve for car circulation use.

Draw back urban sprawl
Retract urbanized surfaces in Forus
Restore natural landscape in the crossing of the municipalities
Preserve surrounding farmland
Establish partnerships to share resources and facilities in new hybrid models
Preserve local identity

The oil platform is seen as the symbol of identity that deserves to be recycled under a different way, as a hybrid model with compatible uses. This provocative vision is related with the force of identity. With the possibilities that recycling brings. With the return time of investments and the dimension of the ecological footprint of buildings. With the collective intelligence and social resilience capable to adapt to deep changes. It brings together the identity, the building technology and the logic of stacking up (foundation / soil occupation).

The introduction of nature component facilitates the recovery by the community of the spaces from where it was excluded by the predominance of the non-human scale.

The Central Plant occupation will bring the ideas, the community engagement and will refresh the simple concepts that make a city development well oriented to obtain an inclusive and equitable outcome. Some of the objective parameters are density, compactness and complexity of uses = opportunities to meet.
Other subjective parameters must be defined jointly.