Old language within new language:
The typical roof in this location provide us a chance to interpret it. We propose
small echoes of the Landscape and the "Bayerische Architektur".
Our folds can reach that form in a quiet mode, just in the limit of the existing
Sturmblockhäuser. They are the directors of this plan.

Landscape: how could we the landscape integrate? We must activate all over the site with a bit of architecture and a lot of Landscape.
The city and the citizens decide when and what to build in every moment. They could even choose how every fold is under need. The plot is all over the site.
The Band system provide this plot to build, that it is related to the Sturmblockhäuser in dialogue with roof and proportions.

In the end we get a intervention almost related to Land-art with small low density
architectures with different uses. The provides to the site a new park, new forest and
even a new skyline but so similar als the old one. We use principles of Land-art but in an active mode.
We cannot transform this place but we do explain it.