DIVISARE BOOKS volumes 18 to 27 mirror the vast complexity of Italian interior architecture portrayed by some of the country’s most important photographers and designed by a carefully selected group of significant contemporary architects, the majority with recent works with strong International recognition.

An all encompassing nationwide visual journey, spanning from a large apartment facing the Pantheon in the heart of medieval Rome to a new single-family house overlooking hilly vineyards, going from a very small residential space interacting with the water of the Venice canals to one from the 70’s nearby the Royal Palace in Caserta, and ranging from rooms staged like a Metaphysical painting in Turin to spaces stripped to their bare essence in Como. What all these different settings have in common is their capacity to depict the relationship between spaces and their inhabitants, interiors and their surroundings and, in doing so, witnessing the cultural transformation of the Italian physical and built landscape.

From north to south, in main city centers or in the open countryside, in ancient listed buildings or in new residential complexes, panoramic views as well as details and textures of refurbished villas, rustic annexes, and conventional apartments, provide a caleidoscope of atmospheric images accurately showing how the Italian tradition of interior design is poetically developing at different latitudes, taking on the inflection of the country’s multifarious dialects.

Each volume adds a new chapter to a great compelling account, sometimes investigating the same spaces but from completely different standpoints and, in doing so, adding further substance to the discourse.

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