Four Good News
The Association of Roman Architects now offers Europaconcorsi free subscription to all their members. The number of Architects Associations offering Europaconcorsi free subscription has now risen to 127.

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New Images Viewer
Following your suggestions, we have just added a new viewer for high-resolution zoomable images. Very useful in case of Constructive Details.

Try it on the latest project by ADOFF Arquitetos
The new General Index of Atlas of Contemporary Architecture is online. It's much easier now to find what you are looking for on DIVISARE. The list of titles that compose the Index is still provisional, and to some extent we believe it always will be. The option of growth and greater depth in the coverage of different themes is an integral part of this project.

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In the previous homepage, the most recent architecture was always in the foreground and always placed above earlier architecture (which had the dismal fate of slipping lower and lower in the ranks). With the new homepage, we are trying a different approach. Projects are now presented in a more liquid way: we prefer to focus on topics rather than chronology.

Let us know your thoughts about the new Homepage at [email protected]