Terms of Service
Terms of Service

Terms and conditions of use of Divisare

Welcome to Divisare, a service owned and managed by Europaconcorsi S.r.l., a company with registered office at the address of Piazza Gentile da Fabriano 3, 00196 Rome, Italy. By using the Divisare service (“the Service”), the user consents to being bound by the following terms and conditions.

  1. Description of the service

    Divisare is a website dedicated to the communication of news, projects, tender announcements and products pertaining to architecture. Divisare also allows users to create their own Internet pages where to publish their work.

    The Service can be changed at any time by Europaconcorsi S.r.l. due to technical or commercial reasons. The Service can also be stopped at any time by Europaconcorsi srl with reasonable advance notice to be communicated to the e-mail address provided by the user at the time of registration. Any new function aimed at enhancing or improving the current service shall be subject to the Terms and conditions of use.

  2. Changes to the Terms and conditions of use

    Europaconcorsi srl reserves itself the right to change and update the Terms and conditions of use of this service at any time due to modifications in the way the Service is rendered or to amendments in applicable regulations. The user can consult the most recent version at any time at the following address: http://divisare.com/tos

  3. Registration

    When registering on Divisare, you need to provide complete, accurate and truthful data. During the registration procedure, the user will be asked to choose a username and a password. The user shall be responsible for all activities carried out by such username as well as for keeping the password secret.

    Divisare is available only for users who are at least 18 years old. If you are younger than that, you cannot register on Divisare.

  4. Using the Materials

    The texts, images and other materials (altogether, the “Materials”) published on Divisare are protected by copyrights and by other applicable laws.

    Europaconcorsi srl authorizes the user to view and download individual copies of the Materials solely for personal use and not for commercial purposes. The user is not allowed to sell or modify the Materials, nor to reproduce, display, disclose to the public, distribute or use the Materials, nor to use them in any other form for public or commercial purposes without the written authorization of Europaconcorsi srl.

    Special rules may apply to the use of certain texts, images and other elements provided by Divisare, and such rules shall be mentioned at the appropriate time.

    If you wish to obtain information on how to receive Europaconcorsi srl’s authorization to use the Materials published on Divisare, you can send an e-mail to: support@divisare.com.

  5. Contents

    User’s responsibility

    The user agrees that, for all data, texts, links to informational material and other contents, (altogether, the “Contents”), either distributed to the public or to limited groups, the only person responsible is the one who created such Contents. This means that the user, and not Europaconcorsi srl, is fully responsible for all Contents published, uploaded, distributed, spread or transmitted in another way (altogether, “the Distributed Contents”) by the user through the Service.

    The user acknowledges and accepts that by using the Service they may come in contact with offensive, indecent or reprehensible Contents. Under no circumstances and for no reason shall Europaconcorsi srl be held responsible for the Contents, whatever they may be, including but not limited to any error or omission in the Contents, or for losses or damages of any type resulting from the use of the Contents distributed through the Service.

    The user acknowledges and accepts to assess and to take on all risks associated with the use of the Contents, including reliance on their precision, completeness and usefulness.

    The user acknowledges and accepts that the transmission and technical processing of the Service, including the Contents, may entail the transmission of data on various networks, as well as modifications in order to adapt and adjust to the technical requirements of the devices of the used networks.

    Rights of Europaconcorsi srl

    The user acknowledges that Europaconcorsi srl carries out no preliminary filter, nor does it modify or guarantee the Contents made available through the Service, and that it is not obligated to monitor the Distributed Contents through such service. Should Europaconcorsi srl come to find out that certain Contents do not seem to comply with the Terms and conditions of use, Europaconcorsi srl shall investigate and decide, in good faith and at its sole discretion, whether to remove such Contents. Europaconcorsi srl shall not be responsible in any way for the execution or non-execution of such activities.

  6. Appropriate behaviour

    The user accepts to be responsible for their conduct and their communications while using the Service and for all the consequences deriving from such conduct and communications. The user accepts to use the Service solely to publish their design work and materials, for which they are the author. Under no circumstances shall the publication of images, texts or other material for which the user does not hold the copyright be allowed. Moreover, the user agrees to use the Service to receive messages which are legal, appropriate and related to architectural design.

    For example purposes only and not as a limitation, when the user utilizes the Service, they undertake to refrain from:

    • defaming, offending, molesting, carrying out threatening practices, threatening or otherwise violating the rights (such as the right to privacy and advertising) of others;
    • spreading or publishing illegal, obscene, unlawful, defamatory or inappropriate Contents
    • spreading Contents that violate patents, trademarks, industrial secrets protected by copyright or other third-party proprietary rights (the “Rights”), unless the user possesses such Rights or an authorization by the Holder to distribute and publish such Contents;
    • spreading or publishing messages that promote pyramid schemes, chain letters, advertising or unsolicited commercial messages;
    • pretending to be another person or entity, falsifying or eliminating the author’s acknowledgements, legal or ownership notices or designations of ownership or labels indicating the origin or source of texts, images or other material contained in a posted file;
    • limiting or preventing other users from using or enjoying the Service;
    • using the Service for any unauthorized or illegal purpose;
    • removing notices pertaining to copyrights or other property rights contained in or relating to the Service;
    • using robots, spiders, applications for the search/recovery of data from websites for the purpose of recovering or indexing parts of the Service or to collect information about the users for unauthorized purposes;
    • creating user accounts through automated means or in disguise;
    • promoting or providing information containing instructions for the performance of illegal activities or encouraging others to inflict physical damage to groups or people; or
    • spreading viruses, worms, defects, Trojan-type viruses or any other element of a destructive nature.

    Users agree to observe the laws and customs in force with regards to online behaviour and acceptable Internet contents, including provisions governing the import and export of data to and from the user’s country of residence.

    While Europaconcorsi srl forbids such behaviour and such Contents associated with the Service, the user acknowledges and accepts that they can nevertheless be exposed to such behaviour and/or Contents, and that they use the Service at their own risk.

    The user is required to notify Europaconcorsi srl with regards to any illegal, offensive, injurious, obscene or damaging conduct (such as, for example purposes only but not limited to, conducts that encourage racial discrimination) by sending a message to: support@divisare.com

  7. Property rights

    Rights of Europaconcorsi srl

    Europaconcorsi srl is and shall remain the exclusive holder of all rights concerning the Service. The user acknowledges and accepts that the Service may contain and use confidential information protected by an exclusivity clause, as well as by laws on the subject of intellectual property and other rules in force. Unless expressly authorized by Europaconcorsi srl, the user shall not be allowed to copy, modify, publish, transmit, distribute, carry out, show or sell any of the information owned by Europaconcorsi srl “Divisare”, the logo “Divisare” are marks owned by Europaconcorsi srl.

    The user’s rights

    Europaconcorsi srl does not claim any ownership or control rights over Contents sent, published or displayed by the user through the Service. The user or a third-party licensee, as the case may be, maintain the copyright on the Contents sent, published or displayed by the user on or through the Service, and the user shall be responsible for safeguarding such rights..

    By sending, posting or displaying Contents to or through the Service, the user grants Europaconcorsi srl a free, non-exclusive license at the world level for reproducing, adapting and publishing such Contents on the Service solely for the purpose of displaying, distributing and promoting the Service or other Services offered by Europaconcorsi srl. Such license expires when the Contents covered by the license are removed from the Service. Europaconcorsi srl reserves itself the right to publish the Contents sent, published or displayed by the user on or through the Service and to use such Contents in connection with other services offered by Europaconcorsi srl.

  8. General practices concerning use and storage

    The user acknowledges and accepts that Europaconcorsi srl shall be in no way responsible for the elimination or failure to store Contents managed or distributed through the Service, except for wilful misconduct or gross negligence. The user acknowledges and accepts that Europaconcorsi srl has not defined a maximum limit in terms of the number of transmissions that the user can send or receive through the Service or the amount of space used on the hard disk; nevertheless, Europaconcorsi srl reserves itself the right, at its sole discretion and for justified reason, to set such limits at any time and with no advance notice.

  9. Links

    The Service, or third parties, may provide links to other websites or web resources. Since Europaconcorsi srl has no control over such websites and resources, the user acknowledges and accepts that Europaconcorsi srl shall not be responsible for the availability of such websites or external resources, and that it shall not guarantee nor be responsible for contents found or available on such websites or resources. Moreover, the user also acknowledges and accepts that Europaconcorsi srl cannot be held responsible, directly or indirectly, for damages or losses caused or ascribable to the use of or reliance on the contents available on or obtained through such websites or resources.

  10. Advertisements

    Divisare is a service supported by advertisements. Hence, advertisement and promotions are displayed in the Service. The methods, terms and level of advertisement displayed in the Service may be subject to modifications. The user acknowledges and accepts that Europaconcorsi srl shall not be responsible for losses or damages of any type which occur as a consequence of such activities or as a consequence of the presence of such advertisements in the Service.

  11. User’s Privacy

    The user acknowledges and accepts that Europaconcorsi srl may access, retain and disclose their personal data and the contents of the user account if so requested by the law or if it believes in good faith that retaining or disclosing such access data is necessary in order to comply with legal proceedings or to safeguard the rights, property and/or safety of Europaconcorsi srl. The personal data collected by Europaconcorsi srl may be stored and processed in Italy or in any other country where Europaconcorsi srl has set up branches. By using the Service, the user consents to any transfer of data outside their own country.

    For a description of how Europaconcorsi srl processes the personal information provided by the users, please refer to the Privacy Policy.

  12. Disclaimer

    Europaconcorsi srl declines any and all responsibility for the precision, content, completeness, legality, reliability, operativity or availability of the information or contents displayed in the Service. Europaconcorsi srl declines any and all responsibility for the user’s behaviour as well as for the behaviour of others who use the Service. The user accepts to use the services at their own risk.

  13. Indemnity clause

    The user accepts to indemnify and hold Europaconcorsi srl harmless against any request for compensation furthered by third parties deriving from or in any way related to the illegal use or in any event in violation of these Conditions of use of the Service, including all responsibilities or expenditure deriving from claims, losses, damages (actual and consequential), judicial proceedings, lawsuits, legal controversies, costs and fees of any type and nature.

  14. Limitation of liability

    Under no circumstance shall Europaconcorsi srl be held responsible towards the user for consequential damages resulting from use or improper use of the Service. Such limitation of liability applies to damages deriving from improper use and reliance on the Service, from the impossibility to use the Service, from the interruption, suspension or termination of the Service (including damages incurred by third parties), and despite any failure relating to the essential aim of any limited repair and to the maximum extent allowed by the law.

  15. Duration and termination

    These Terms and conditions of use apply to the use of the Service by the user. The user can stop using the Service immediately at any time, for any reason, by sending an e-mail to Customer assistance, at the following address: support@divisare.com. Europaconcorsi srl may stop the use of the Service by the user for any reason, at any time, with reasonable advance notice, communicated to the e-mail address provided by the user, and under such circumstance the user shall no longer be entitled to use the Service.

    The intellectual property rights of Europaconcorsi srl, warranty exemptions, indemnities and limitations of liability shall continue to be valid even after such termination.

  16. Notices

    Europaconcorsi srl may send users notices concerning the Service or these Terms and conditions of use by e-mail or by publishing them on its website..

  17. Disputes and place of jurisdiction

    The Terms and conditions of use contained in this document are governed by the laws of Italy. Any dispute that may arise between the parties shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of the Court of Rome.