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Museo marítimo drassanes de Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain

Las Reales Atarazanas de Barcelona es un edificio del Gótico Civil Catalán que después de haber pasado por diferentes usos es en la actualidad el Museo Marítimo de la Ciudad, el complejo fue declarado Monumento Nacional. Para la redacción del proyecto de reforma y restauración del conjunto arquitectónico se llevaron a término una serie de investigaciones arqueológicas que permitieron el conocimiento profundo de las diferentes construcciones. De esta manera el proyecto siempre tuvo presente todos aquellos aspectos relacionados con la restauración propiamente dicha, con la puesta en valor de lo construido, con la adecuación de los espacios interiores y con la museología.

Photo by Pedro Pegenaute
Terradas Arquitectos
68 Competitions
Piscina Cubierta Municipal en Constantina
Fernando Suárez Corchete, Lorenzo Muro ÁlvarezPiscina Cubierta Municipal en Constantina
Cultural and Sports Center
BRUTHERCultural and Sports Center
Løgstør sports hall
CEBRALøgstør sports hall
Sukkahville 2015
Toronto, Canada

Kehilla Residential Programme invites architects, students, artists, builders and design professionals (individuals or teams) to submit design proposals for the lifth annual Sukkahville Design Competition. This open design competition asks entrants to design and build a contemporary interpretation of the temporary, free standing Sukkah on Nathan Phillips Square in front of Toronto’s City Hall to commemorate the holiday of Sukkot.

Registration before May 15th
Submission before June 19th
Museum Liaunig extension
Neuhaus, Austria

The existing building isn’t visible from outside to 90%. In the first planning phase of the museum in the mid 2000s was made use of the topography which is happing again. Thereby the iconic building does not receive a further signal from outside and allows suprising effects. the extension is again realized with low building-costs.

Photo by Lisa Rastl
Querkraft Architekten
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City Library
Bruges, Belgium

In 2012, Studio Farris Architects won the competition which was organised by the City of Bruges for the renovation and expansion of the Sint-Andries city library. The plot on which the library had to be expanded was very limited in size and located in an urban environment. The existing library, alongside other public services, was located in a building that’s listed on the inventory of architectural heritage.

Photo by Tim Van de Velde
Studio Farris Architects
Lido Mythenquai
Zürich, Switzerland

The restaurant stands in a park at the shore of Lake Zurich. It is only open in summer. In winter it is closed. The outer skin is made of a 15 cm single concrete shell – like the cloth of a tent. Primary forms are reminiscent of children drawings or a circus. The building is light and heavy, physical, precise and slutty – strangely beautiful amongst the scattered old trees.
Pascal Flammer
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Jacques Ferrier Architectures Les yeux verts
UID architects Holocaust Education Center
Roof and Mushrooms
Kyoto, Japan

A small pavilion on the campus of Kyoto University of Art and Design, born from a collaboration between architect Ryue Nishizawa and design office nendo. The location: a steep hill face covered in luxurious vegetation. On a clear day, you can almost count the 36 crests of the hills that line Kyoto’s eastern edge. The adjacent area is earmarked for a new grove of Japanese plum trees, and their fragrant early spring blossoms will only add to an already beautiful site.

Photo by Daici Ano
Restauro del Corridoio dei SS. Martiri
Padua, Italy

L’antico “Corridoio dei SS. Martiri Padovani” risale al secolo XVI quando sotto la Guida di Ludovico Barbo il monastero di S. Giustina trovò splendore e prosperità mai avuti prima. In tal periodo venne intrapresa la costruzione della nuova basilica che si affaccia sulla grande piazza di Prato della Valle. Il “Corridoio” collega la basilica al monastero e sorge sul sito della precedente basilica medioevale. Oltre al restauro della vera del pozzo dei Martiri, creato da Andrea da Valle nel 1565, si è provveduto alla realizzazione ex novo del pavimento in cotto in tessere bicromiche a losanghe.

Photo by Luca Volpato
Luca Volpato
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IVB Operational Service Building Innsbruck
peterlorenzateliersIVB Operational Service Building Innsbruck
Frankie & Johnny Student Housing Plänterwald
Holzer Kobler ArchitekturenFrankie & Johnny Student Housing Plänterwald
Home Sweet Home
Fossò (VE), Italy

This home is made in part with ancient materials, that come from the grandparent’s old house, as the wood and the bricks that recall to memory the roots of the family. New materials as Corian, are used in the furniture and the stairs. The atmosphere inside this country house is extremely warm and is due to the color of natural material used for the interior wall and for the floor. This house is an home to live.

Photo by 3ndy studio
3ndy studio
Walumba Elders Centre
Warmun, Australia

Working directly with the community elders and the Home and Community Care staff, iph designed a new home for the elders based on their Cultural and social needs, while still complying with the requirements of an Aged Care Centre that can provide a range of services under the Commonwealth “flexible aged care provisions”.

Photo by Peter Bennetts
Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects
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BCHO architects Hanil Visitors’ Center and Guest House
Al Zorah pavilion
Ajman, United Arab Emirates

Al Zorah pavilion in Ajman is a landmark; it is the first project to be implemented on site as part of the city’s redevelopment. The structure is a 4500 square meter multifunctional center dedicated to Administration, Culture and Entertainment overlooking the mangrove of Ajman.

Photo by Tony Elieh
Annabel Karim Kassar
Nature Obsevatory of Monsanto
Lisbon, Portugal

The project for the Nature Observatory of Monsanto in the city of Lisbon is based on the recovery of the ancestral relationship between human and nature. This recovery is done in 5 pavillons, each one triggers one of the 5 senses in order to feel the nature.
Andrea Siciliani, Mathias Lefebvre
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Polyvalent theater
Lacaton & Vassal ArchitectesPolyvalent theater
Air Tree Shanghai
ecosistemaurbano, Belinda Tato, Jose Luis VallejoAir Tree Shanghai
COC Chiasso
Ostinelli & Partners architetti, Lurati & MuttoniCOC Chiasso
MOON – Christmas lights
Ben Busche / Brut DeluxeMOON – Christmas lights
Zekreet, Qatar

The most recent and biggest public art work made by the North American sculptor Richard Serra in Qatar, spreads along the Zekreet desert. “ East- West/ West- East” is a sculpture composed by four major steel structures, more than fourteen meters high each, forming a straight line through the desert, exceeding one km, which is completely according to the land topography.

Photo by Nelson Garrido
Richard Serra
Burgo Tower
Porto, Portugal

The building lot is located in the area where the Boavista Avenue ceases to be a through street and fragments itself into discontinuous sections. The solution consists of a levelled platform which incorporates two close volumes but with different scales. A low building, ribbon-like, is more related with the anonymity of the surroundings. The tower, set back from the Avenue, rises up from the platform, longing for other architectures to follow.

Photo by Luis Ferreira Alves
Eduardo Souto De Moura
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The Future of Prefabricated Wooden Homes
Marc Benjamin DrewesThe Future of Prefabricated Wooden Homes
Abitazioni prefabbricate monofamiliari con struttura portante in legno
Paolo RussoAbitazioni prefabbricate monofamiliari con struttura portante in legno
Wild Bär Architekten AgLyonel
Flint Architectes, Mercurio&Oudor, Renaud ArchitecteLIPPMANN