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Fundación Casa Wabi. Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico

Fundación Casa Wabi is an interdisciplinary art center whose purpose is to foster the ex-change of ideas between national and international artists from various disciplines and practices. Designed and constructed by the Japanese architect Tadao Ando, the foundation has a priviledge location, situated between the mountains and the Pacific Ocean and few minutes from Puerto Escondido in the Oaxaca state of Mexico...

Photo: © Foto Studio Zabé
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Medical Faculty
ELEMENTAL - Alejandro AravenaMedical Faculty
Mathematics Faculty
ELEMENTAL - Alejandro AravenaMathematics Faculty
Centro Académico y Cultural San Pablo, Fundación Alfredo Harp-Helú
Taller de Arquitectura Mauricio RochaCentro Académico y Cultural San Pablo, Fundación Alfredo Harp-Helú
Center for Technology and Design
AllesWirdGut ArchitekturCenter for Technology and Design
State Museum Vorarlberg Bregenz. Austria

The project’s site is characterised by the open landscape of Lake Constance and the compact urban structure of Bregenz. Between the closed block structure of the city and the lake there is an insular lot with solitary buildings of special functions. The voids between the buildings lead to beautiful lines of sight from the city towards Lake Constance. The design of the new State Museum is developed structurally out of these circumstances, adding a solitary new building at the western end of the row of landmark detached buildings. The concept for the new building itself is based on the principal of architectural continuity. The listed building, which formerly housed the local administration, has been almost completely preserved and integrated into the new structure.

Photo by Adolf Bereuter
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Urban House in Rua do Lindo Vale. Porto

This is not a house built in the periphery of the city, in a plot of medium- or large-size, but a House erected in the central area of the city, an area with an intense urban life, in a long and narrow plot that raises a number of spatial constraints. Based on the regulations of the plan in force, for a building to be erected on this plot it should maintain the alignment of adjacent buildings, a maximum height inferior to the width of the street, and a high permeability in the back of the plot. The definition of this volume (by the regulations of the plan) led to an interior organization of the dwelling that is, somehow, similar to the inner structure of the typical houses of Porto – two lit rooms near the two façades of the house and a third non lit room in the core of the house...

Photo: © José Campos
Fitzrovia House. London, United Kingdom

Located in a Georgian court dating from 1766, this house forms part of a terrace which incurred bomb damage during the Second World War resulting in it being partially demolished and substantially rebuilt in the decades since, including the front and rear elevations in their entirety. The house had fallen into a state of disrepair prior to the new owners purchasing it and appointing West Architecture in 2013...

Photo: © Peter Cook
WEST Architecture
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con Giovanni Benedetti


The Hill of the Sleeping Dragon.
To make it possible and concrete, to make it really of everybody, an architecture has to be ordinary, elementary, in order to be established, towards the community, as an immediately appropriate model and so, as a common good. There’s earth everywhere. It covers everything, layer to layer, and it is under any other. Of rich soil there’s even less, and it is a precious support to preserve, to manage, to administer with care. To be fertilized so it can be grown, to be taken care of, to work with so it can receive seeds and produce, so it could yield one day. Of terrain there are also made houses, entire constructions of soil, primordial forms, domes and mounds, primitive refuges, vases as deep as a space for sleeping or as solid as fortresses. Made of bricks, that is made of soil too kneaded with water, dried out by the sun or by blazing fire. Or made of rammed earth walls and poultices to protect them. Ground is one of the easiest and the most ancient materials of construction...
StudioErrante Architetture
Mehrerau Monastery Bregenz Carpentry workshop and biomass power plant. Austria

After a catastrophic fire, the carpentry workshop and biomass power plant serving Mehrerau monastery and its nursing home had to be rebuilt. The surroundings are defined by large, open meadows, forests and the uninterrupted expanse of Lake Constance to the north. The architecture of the existing monastery, including nursing home and residential quarters, influenced the new design. The few original features spared by the fire, such as the emergency power generator and the parts of the biomass system, were the first to be designed into the new building...

Photo: © Adolf Bereuter
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Lines | Torres Vedras
Coletivo NoraLines | Torres Vedras
Parasite Pavilion
TCA Think Tank, Pier Alessio Rizzardi, Zhang Hankun, Martin HubaParasite Pavilion
Grundfos dormitory
CEBRAGrundfos dormitory
Mattia Paco RizziTaumascopio
40 housing units Saussure. Paris

Lot 4.2 is part of the new Clichy-Batignolles mixed development area and is located at the edge of boulevard Pereire, at the meeting point of two different periods in the history of Paris’ urban development. The building plays a key role in linking these two architectural worlds. The project renders homage to Paris and the 19th century architecture of the Haussmann building. It seeks to preserve the “intrinsic intelligence of this form,” which has allowed the buildings constructed during the Haussmann period to survive many changes and grow with the city, providing multiple, often very different uses of the same building...

Photo: © Julien Lanoo
LAN Architecture
Sluzewski Culture Centre. Warsaw, Poland

The form of the Cultural Centre design was determined by two elements: the first, the situation and an urban context of the object, the second, its function defined by the programme. The existing, original cultural centre was also a source of inspiration, together with the adjacent ecological, educational farm and a survived country house at 7 Tarniny Street...

Photo by Rafał Kłos
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875 Construction Drawings
402 Projects
Ithaques, Atelier WRA LA FRESQUE
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102 Competitions
LEAPs3 Scuola Sci e Snowboard Courmayeur
LEAPfactory, Stefano Testa , Luca Gentilcore, Stefano Girodo, Corrado CurtiLEAPs3 Scuola Sci e Snowboard Courmayeur
The Observatory
Feilden Clegg Bradley StudiosThe Observatory
Tourist Promenade and Cycle Lane
ELEMENTAL - Alejandro AravenaTourist Promenade and Cycle Lane
Villa G
Audrius Ambrasas ArchitectsVilla G
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Haus der Musik in Innsbruck
LUCA POIAN FORMSHaus der Musik in Innsbruck
The New Riga Theatre
NRJA, IG KurbadsThe New Riga Theatre
The New Riga Theatre
MADE arhitekti, GAISSThe New Riga Theatre
Nouveau théâtre de Cachan
Ateliers O-S architectes: V. Baur, G. Colboc, G. Le NouëneNouveau théâtre de Cachan
OXER - Aargauer Bühne Aarau
Barão-Hutter. AtelierOXER - Aargauer Bühne Aarau