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Fundación Casa Wabi. Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico

Fundación Casa Wabi is an interdisciplinary art center whose purpose is to foster the ex-change of ideas between national and international artists from various disciplines and practices. Designed and constructed by the Japanese architect Tadao Ando, the foundation has a priviledge location, situated between the mountains and the Pacific Ocean and few minutes from Puerto Escondido in the Oaxaca state of Mexico...

Photo: © Foto Studio Zabé
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Casa FL
Elisa Manelli studioCasa FL
Studio RL
Atelier MEPStudio RL
Maison Terrier
Bernard Quirot architecte + associésMaison Terrier
Casa Balint
Fran Silvestre ArquitectosCasa Balint
Neighbourhood Sports Centre Kiel. Antwerp, Belgium

The site has a strategic position in the socially mixed Kiel district of Antwerp. This low-budget sports centre with a sports gear rental depot fulfills a social role in the neighborhood, edging the gateway to the school campus. The building looks out to all sides. The traditional sports hall typology is inverted: large sports hall, dancing hall and rental depot face outward, interconnected by a service area. The simple, industrial architecture reflects the modernism of the surrounding buildings. The roofscape is conceived as a fifth facade visible from the nearby housing blocks by architect Renaat Braem...

Photo: © Dries Luyten for City of Antwerp
UR architects
Casa SZP

An inverted ratio between warm and cold, gives birth to a house where vertical surface are soft and natural, while the floor is white and neutral. Sliding panels made out of clear timber hide a double layer which contains all the objects of everyday life. The clear floor lays as a perfect background for the colours of furniture and people over it. Above the heads a technical layer lets the house breath through an aluminium perforated sheet.

Photo: © Filippo Poli
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Nuovo Archivio Multimediale

Audio, video and pictures of all the activities organized and promoted by the Accademia Nazionale di San Luca
Urban House in Rua do Lindo Vale. Porto

This is not a house built in the periphery of the city, in a plot of medium- or large-size, but a House erected in the central area of the city, an area with an intense urban life, in a long and narrow plot that raises a number of spatial constraints. Based on the regulations of the plan in force, for a building to be erected on this plot it should maintain the alignment of adjacent buildings, a maximum height inferior to the width of the street, and a high permeability in the back of the plot. The definition of this volume (by the regulations of the plan) led to an interior organization of the dwelling that is, somehow, similar to the inner structure of the typical houses of Porto – two lit rooms near the two façades of the house and a third non lit room in the core of the house...

Photo: © José Campos
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Architecture BRIO House on a Stream
Carvalho Araújo Galeria Mário Sequeira
Fitzrovia House. London, United Kingdom

Located in a Georgian court dating from 1766, this house forms part of a terrace which incurred bomb damage during the Second World War resulting in it being partially demolished and substantially rebuilt in the decades since, including the front and rear elevations in their entirety. The house had fallen into a state of disrepair prior to the new owners purchasing it and appointing West Architecture in 2013...

Photo: © Peter Cook
WEST Architecture
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Architecture&Design, Urban Planning and Research.

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FABER Headquarters
gezaFABER Headquarters
Kreinbacher Champagne Cellars
Ekler ArchitectKreinbacher Champagne Cellars
Antinori Winery
Archea AssociatiAntinori Winery
Bodega Tandem
Josecho Vélaz, Vaíllo + Irigaray Architects, Iván FernándezBodega Tandem
State Museum Vorarlberg Bregenz. Austria

The project’s site is characterised by the open landscape of Lake Constance and the compact urban structure of Bregenz. Between the closed block structure of the city and the lake there is an insular lot with solitary buildings of special functions. The voids between the buildings lead to beautiful lines of sight from the city towards Lake Constance. The design of the new State Museum is developed structurally out of these circumstances, adding a solitary new building at the western end of the row of landmark detached buildings. The concept for the new building itself is based on the principal of architectural continuity. The listed building, which formerly housed the local administration, has been almost completely preserved and integrated into the new structure.

Photo by Adolf Bereuter
40 housing units Saussure. Paris

Lot 4.2 is part of the new Clichy-Batignolles mixed development area and is located at the edge of boulevard Pereire, at the meeting point of two different periods in the history of Paris’ urban development. The building plays a key role in linking these two architectural worlds. The project renders homage to Paris and the 19th century architecture of the Haussmann building. It seeks to preserve the “intrinsic intelligence of this form,” which has allowed the buildings constructed during the Haussmann period to survive many changes and grow with the city, providing multiple, often very different uses of the same building...

Photo: © Julien Lanoo
LAN Architecture
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RO&AD architecten Moses Bridge
•• Gabriel Verd Gallego, simone solinas Colegio Público "San Julián"
Sluzewski Culture Centre. Warsaw, Poland

The form of the Cultural Centre design was determined by two elements: the first, the situation and an urban context of the object, the second, its function defined by the programme. The existing, original cultural centre was also a source of inspiration, together with the adjacent ecological, educational farm and a survived country house at 7 Tarniny Street...

Photo by Rafał Kłos
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Historical Archive of the Basque Country
ACXTHistorical Archive of the Basque Country
Wild Turkey Bourbon Visitor Center
De Leon & Primmer Architecture WorkshopWild Turkey Bourbon Visitor Center
Maison à Genève
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The New National Library Of The Czech Republic
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National Library Prague
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National Library of the Czech Republic
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The National Library Of The Czech Republic
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