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In ESCLUSIVA sul numero di luglio/agosto:

Lo Stadio di Bordeaux di Herzog & De Meuron

La Milano di Italo Lupi

Giovani designer: Lorenzo Damiani

Fausto Melotti e Domus in mostra a Montecarlo.


Ogni mese su Domus il meglio dell'architettura, dell'urbanistica e del design.
52 Competitions
1044 Projects
Casa LP
Andrea Gerosa, Franco GerosaCasa LP
House for a Violinist
OAM arquitectosHouse for a Violinist
The W.I.N.D. House
UNStudioThe W.I.N.D. House
Haus für Julia und Björn
Innauer-Matt ArchitektenHaus für Julia und Björn
London, United Kingdom

Yardhouse is an affordable workspace building in Sugarhouse Yard in Stratford and a pilot for the provision of creative workspace.The building provides a sociable and collaborative work environment. It is simply arranged, as a two-storey, three-bay structure. The two outer bays are used as individual studio spaces, and open onto a generous double-height communal area.
Bear House
Cha-Am beach, Thailand

Bear House belongs to the Thai Be@rbrick collectors. Size matters in Bear House. The design process does not start from the house itself but the Be@rbricks display cabinet. It is thought of as a house of seventeen 400% Be@rbricks. It is composed of steps, ladders and voids that fit the scale of twenty-eight centimetres tall figures. It occupies a whole wall of the dining room, linking the house’s entry to the living area which is three stories high. The cabinet is a central piece and a model of the house. It is made of light coloured oak wooden panels resembling the other main surfaces of the house.

Photo by Wison Tungthunya
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London, United Kingdom

Blocks dyed is different pigments are then glued together with the grains facing vertically to create three-dimensional patterns- then shaped with a computer numerically controlled (CNC) machine. ‘Endgrain’ is therefore a process that starts very crafty and ends quite industrial.
Contest for the selection of designs and realizations for sustainable urban regeneration

The Italian National Board of Architects, Planners, Landscape Architects and Conservation Architects (CNAPPC) is promoting, together with SAIE, the International Salon of Industrial Construction (Salone Internazionale dell'Innovazione Edilizia), a selection of the best design projects and innovative realizations in the sector of Sustainable Urban Regeneration

Project submission deadline:
22th September 2015
RI.U.SO. 04
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402 Projects
••• FGMF Architects FDE - Escola Várzea Paulista
•• OPUS 5 École De Musique Maurice Durufle
Fathom Mirror

Commissioned by Jean Lin and Jennifer Krichels to create a unique object to auction to relief the victims of Sandy, my thoughts turned to how quickly we forget about events of such devastation. Fathom was created as a beautiful reminder. When one passes in front of the object, the top part of your body is reflected in a natural way, but the bottom half of the mirror creates a deep refraction and convincingly makes you appear as if you are neck-deep in water.

Photo by Kendall Mills
Joe Doucet
Pharmacy in Omori
Tokyo, Japan

This dispensing Pharmacy is facing a street on which some competing pharmacies are located. So it was also requested to create a distinguished facade rather than its interior design. Mainly two elements, glass partition and three-vaulted ceiling, form the space.

Photo by Takumi Ota
646 Competitions
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Cultural Factory Matadero Madrid. Creative Hub
OSS - Office for Strategic SpacesCultural Factory Matadero Madrid. Creative Hub
Juncal Parish Hall
Jordana Tomé | Vitor QuaresmaJuncal Parish Hall
Rehabilitation of Torre del Baró
Jordi FarrandoRehabilitation of Torre del Baró
Sales Center in Huashan County
Wuhan, China

This sales center project is situated at the margins of a lake. For this reason, Dushe Design has been developing the “Suspension” concept and its relationship with the lake’s water level: The main part of the building is on the land, some of it is suspended above the water, and the connections between the teahouse and the surrounding pavilions are made by a paths “under” the water.

Photo by Dushe Architectural Design
Dushe Architectural Design
Alpine Barn Apartment
Bohinj, Slovenia

Photo by Tomaz Gregoric
Ofis Arhitekti
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875 Construction Drawings
402 Projects
•• lr-architetti, Enrico Maria Raschi, Sara Lonardi, Paolo De Benedictis Riqualificazione architettonica di Piazza del Popolo
University Centre "des Quais"
Lyon, France

The “Pôle universitaire des Quais” is located in the university district on the eastern bank of the river Rhône in the 7th arrondissement of Lyon and comprises of five institutions: The Institute of Technology (IUT) for around 900 students; The Department for Research and Higher Education (PRES); A canteen with a capacity of approximately 1,900 meals; A dormitory compromising of 200 beds; The International House of Languages and Cultures (architects : Thierry Van de Wyngaert and Véronique Feigel).

Photo by Aldo Amoretti
Auer Weber, Arodie Damian
BAUARENA - Volketswil, Suisse

Architect: Nüesch & Partner Architekten, Volketswil (CH)

Lighting design: Linda Bohorc, HEFTI. HESS. MARTIGNONI. Zürich AG, Zurich (CH)
119 Competitions
22 Projects
Anglet South Coastline
Debarre Duplantiers Associés Architecture & PaysageAnglet South Coastline
Casa Piazza
camposaz, campomarzio, anålogo, giovanni wegher, Massimo Bertoluzza, Giulia Cerrato, Giacomo Fumanelli, Mariella Gentile, Oliver Savorani, Daria Smirnova, Iulia Mihai Alexandra , sasa ciabatti, Valentina Comuzzi , Bruno Detassis, Alessandro Gentilin, Ottavia Manzo, Jose Alberto Simon Montesinos, Emanuele Zampieri, Isabella Largajolli, Meruj Rabei , Kire Stavrow, Silvia Lucchese, Enrico Cimadom, Andrea SimonCasa Piazza
Camminamento protetto nelle zone del terremoto in Pegognaga
lr-architetti, Sara Lonardi, Enrico Maria RaschiCamminamento protetto nelle zone del terremoto in Pegognaga
Michelangelo Pugliese, Agostino CostaRACCONTO SU UN TAPPETO DI PAUL KLEE
Milan, Italy

Boalum Lamp, designed by Gianfranco Frattini and Livio Castiglioni in 1970 and currently produced by Artemide.

Photo © Artemide
Frattini, Castiglioni
20 New Jobs
Nuova scuola materna e primaria
dianarchitecture, giuseppe dianaNuova scuola materna e primaria
Asilo nido per 60 bambini e attrezzatura a parco pubblico e gioco bambini. Roma
andrea sperandio, Alessandro Lontani, Andrea LeoniAsilo nido per 60 bambini e attrezzatura a parco pubblico e gioco bambini. Roma
Asilo nido Villa Troili
3TI_LAB srlAsilo nido Villa Troili
Ludoteca “Padiglione-Infanzia” dedicata ai bambini con disabilità. Milano
Enrico Nieri, davide testa, luigi aldiccioniLudoteca “Padiglione-Infanzia” dedicata ai bambini con disabilità. Milano
Ludoteca "Padiglione Infanzia"
BLULAB_building landscape urbanism, Andrea Trucillo, Michele AlbertiLudoteca "Padiglione Infanzia"