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Vergílio Ferreira High School
Lisbon, Portugal

To create a new image and identity for an existing school that used to be seen as several uncharacterised standard constructions, the existing buildings were remodelled by changing the windows proportion, simplifying the plan of exterior walls, removing projections, edges and recesses.

Photo by Fernando Guerra / FG+SG
Atelier Central Arquitectos
47 Competitions
187 Projects
Air Tree Shanghai
ecosistemaurbano, Belinda Tato, Jose Luis VallejoAir Tree Shanghai
The pulse park
CEBRAThe pulse park
Espacios de Paz – Venezuela
Pico EstudioEspacios de Paz – Venezuela
Bahrain Pavilion
Competition for Milano EXPO 2015, 2nd prize

Like scientist in a camp, like rangers within their fire lookout towers they are ready to give the alarm signal. The architecture of the pavilion has the role to bring the visitors of the expo in touch with the most intimate ecologies of Bahrain and bring them back.
Francesco Librizzi, Bas Smets
Cycling & pedestrian track "Lotus Flower"
Massarosa, Italy

The area covered by the project is part of the northern basin of the lake Massacciuccoli; until the 40s of the twentieth century the area was occupied by the cultivation of rice, then replaced in the late ‘60s by the Lotus’ Flowers – today one of the largest camp in Europe. The site was in a state of decay and neglected and the public use was denied. Today with the new pedestrian and cycling path it brings to the light a true “environmental jewel” that opens a new scenario in an area unfortunately largely deteriorated by urbanization strongly pervasive and of poor quality.

Photo by Pietro Savorelli
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Theatre on the Fly
London, United Kingdom

It was commissioned by the theatre as part of their 50th anniversary celebrations, and hosted a full season based around three new plays, one by each of the theatre’s apprentice directors. Neither an indoor nor an outdoor theatre, Theatre on the Fly provided a space capable of both intimate performances and wide dramatic productions that extended into the surrounding parkland.
Football Stadium
Mersin, Turkey

The stadium is expected to used for international and national sports. With a capacity of 25.000 spectators, it is thought to be a symbolic building for the city because of its architectural design and its audience. The shell is a symbolic form which defines relation between landscape and structure also sets a boundary to area. The material used for shell is suitable for climate in Mersin and it provides spectators and soccer players a comfortable area.

Photo by Ket Kolektif
Bahadır Kul Architects
4433 Results
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402 Projects
Höweler + Yoon Architecture / MY Studio Sky Courts
Architecture BRIO House on a Stream
Casa per Artisti
Beé, Italy

Photo by Andrea Martiradonna
Luca Rolla, Piero Camoletto
Hotel Relux
Ios Marina, Greece

Built on a plot of land at the port of Ios Island and overlooking Sikinos across the sea, the Hotel Relux Ios Island was redesigned in a way that blends it with its surrounding natural setting, creating rooms with unique morphological properties.

Photo by Yiannis Hadjiaslanis
A31 Architecture
626 Competitions
151 Projects
Profili montani
Davide ConsolatiProfili montani
Cabin at Norderhov
Atelier Oslo ArchitectsCabin at Norderhov
Stacking Doughnut and Modular Flow
ArchiWorkshop.krStacking Doughnut and Modular Flow
Folly for a Flyover
London, United Kingdom

Folly for a Flyover transformed a disused motorway undercroft in Hackney Wick into an arts venue and new public space. Over nine weeks, 40,000 local residents, artists and visitors from across London came and performed, ate, watched and got involved with workshops, talks, walks and theatre.
Wood Sprawl
Milan, Italy

An industrial, half abandoned area in Milan’s darkest periphery is asking for an urban redevelopment: 50’000 square meters of social housing and facilities to fill what is currently seen as an urban void. Wood Sprawl undertakes the study of the peripheries along with their flaws and the monsters they left behind from the bygone 50s, the 60s and the 70s along with the lack of any care, design or any social integration. The superposition of a rational grid meant to solve all problems and flatten any diversity and challenging peculiarity.
Matheus Cartocci
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875 Construction Drawings
402 Projects
••• Sou Fujimoto Architects Final Wooden House
Manuel Maia Gomes Galeria.Solar.S.Roque
Tokyo, Japan

The plot is wedged between houses in every direction. The project’s name, “MINNA NO IE” (Everyone’s House), suggests that the house has no strict borders.

Photo by Daici Ano
House in el Carmen
Valencia, Spain

This house is located within a three-storey building in the old quarter of Valencia, built in 1900. The project entails the reconstruction of the old roof and the demolition of all interior walls, leaving the interior empty and spacious. The new roof is restored to its original condition with the use of Arabic curved tiles, revealing the interior wooden beams and ceramic tiles.

Photo by Mariela Apollonio
Hugo Mompó
129 Competitions
61 Projects
Air Tree Shanghai
ecosistemaurbano, Belinda Tato, Jose Luis VallejoAir Tree Shanghai
The Eden Project
Grimshaw ArchitectsThe Eden Project
Anonymous Landscapes

About, De + Ablativo.
Sulla formazione di un paesaggio bidimensionale.
Percepito bidimensionale.
Sulla architettura come forma [sagoma, shape] nella percezione del paesaggio bidimensionale.
Sul pittoresco ai tempi della fotografia digitale.

In the image: Anonymous cathedral with separated baptistery. Based on a photo by Menno van der Meer.
Beniamino Servino
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Haus der Musik in Innsbruck
LUCA POIAN FORMSHaus der Musik in Innsbruck
The New Riga Theatre
NRJA, IG KurbadsThe New Riga Theatre
The New Riga Theatre
MADE arhitekti, GAISSThe New Riga Theatre
Nouveau théâtre de Cachan
Ateliers O-S architectes: V. Baur, G. Colboc, G. Le NouëneNouveau théâtre de Cachan
OXER - Aargauer Bühne Aarau
Barão-Hutter. AtelierOXER - Aargauer Bühne Aarau