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Using the column as the main feature of a structure? A roof is carried by different types of columns and defines the space under it. The history of architecture is compressed by using the archetype of the pillar.
Filip Dujardin
69 Competitions
42 Projects
ARCHIPLAN STUDIO // Diego Cisi e Stefano Gorni Silvestrini ArchitettiGIARDINO DEI PICCOLI
Lillo Giglia , Giuseppe GuerreraUN GIARDINO A FAVARA
L´Ile Verte
100Landschaftsarchitektur, Marie Alleaume, Nathanaëlle Baës-CantillonL´Ile Verte
Refurbishment of Riera La Salut
Pol FemeniasRefurbishment of Riera La Salut
Nuovo Municipio di Fiumicino
Rome, Italy

A reportage by Gianluca D’Elia
Anselmi & Associati
Cappella Patrizia
Piverone (TO), Italia

... Eppure siamo solo all’inizio … E’ il titolo che, citando le parole del poeta Edmond Jabes, do alla Cappella Patrizia che sto realizzando nel cimitero di Piverone.
Alfredo Pirri
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The Andy Warhol Temporary Museum
Lisbon, Portugal

The Temporary Andy Warhol Museum is a cultural space within a commercial space. It was designed to host the exhibition ‘Andy Warhol – Icons | Psaier Artworks and the Factory’ and included a total of 32 original works by the American artist. The museological space avoids the idea of having neutral white exhibition spaces and relates to the exhibited artworks through the creation of a strong visual context that refers to the artist’s imaginary. It recreates an environment that is both pop and industrial, through an unusual materiality resulting from the use of metal paint cans. The expository structure, set in the mall’s central plaza, features an appealing abstract exterior and assumes an iconographic identity with links to the Pop Art.

Photo by Fernando Guerra
Van Gogh Exhibition
Milan, Italy

Into Palazzo Reale, I wanted to bring in some way or other the undulating earth that Van Gogh much loved. We sought hard about how we could convey to people that tenderness and warmth, and finally arrived at a piece of cloth – that material of earth-colored, a bit rough feel, with a smell of soil when you press your cheek against it. On that waving land of fabric, Gogh’s paintings will drift about. His works will be thrown out in the midst of the overwhelming power from the ground. Humans themselves are the beings who have to leave everything to the earth and simply float on – I took Van Gogh’s message this way.

Kengo Kuma

Photo by Fabrizio Stipari
Kengo Kuma & Associates
4433 Results
875 Construction Drawings
402 Projects
•• Paolo Mazzoleni, Ombra Bruno, Christiane Egger Casa D.M.Z.
Mansilla + Tuñón Arquitectos Atrio Relais Châteaux
The Door
Seoul, South Korea

A door implies a place beyond it. In addition to its functionality such as opening and closing, and safety and privacy, the door means a flexible and changing boundary that defines place. The nature of a traditional Korean door with a lattice set in the door frame, in particular, is quite gentle. The thin but durable lattice becomes one with changhoji (traditional Koran paper pasted on doors and windows) inside.

Photo by kyung roh
Mehr! Theater am Grossmarkt
Hamburg, Germany

The Mehr! Theater am Grossmarkt, a multipurpose venue situated inside Hamburg’s historic wholesale market for fruits, vegetables and flowers, offers new, diverse possibilities for public gatherings. By redefining underutilized space within the market hall, the venue breathes new life into the modern, prestressed concrete structure. Operating in a dormant phase of the building’s daily rhythm, the theater intertwines cultural and industrial processes into a novel, symbiotic relationship.
Photo by Andreas Meichsner
Frans Dikmans
600 Competitions
187 Projects
Air Tree Shanghai
ecosistemaurbano, Belinda Tato, Jose Luis VallejoAir Tree Shanghai
The pulse park
CEBRAThe pulse park
Espacios de Paz – Venezuela
Pico EstudioEspacios de Paz – Venezuela
Brick Neighbourhood
Ljubljana, Slovenia

How to establish a clear spatial, material and social identity of a neighbourhood? This question was the basic principle when developing the design of structures and their surroundings in terms of a deeper connection of future residents with their living environment.

Photo by Miran Kambic
Dekleva Gregoric Arhitekti
Deserti Tascabili
Djerba, Tunisia

“Deserti Tascabili – DJ Complex”, elaborato da Marco Scarpinato con la collaborazione di AutonomeForme, è un progetto sviluppato nell’isola di Djerba, a sud della Tunisia. Il progetto, finanziato con fondi privati contempla la DJ House (una abitazione privata con annesse residenze temporanee per artisti) ed il DJ Center (un centro per la poesia e le arti visive e digitali nel Mediterraneo).

Photo by Marco Scarpinato
Marco Scarpinato
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875 Construction Drawings
402 Projects
•• diverserighestudio casaLogica - progetto unitario e nuovo edificio residenziale
michele gambato architetto, mgark MALATESTA, albergo di campagna
Private House
Kamakura, Japan

Designed for a Japanese collector of modern and Buddhist art, this house was conceived as a contemporary retreat with traditional influences. The house occupies a site rich with historical associations, including a Shinto shrine and man- made caves that once formed part of a workshop for crafting samurai swords. The house is one of three buildings originally planned for the site, those yet to be built comprising an art gallery and function space, with specialised storage. The overall composition is intended to tie these buildings together in a harmonious arrangement, informed by the Japanese belief that nature is at its most beautiful when considered in relation to the man-made.

Photo by Edmund Sumner
Foster + Partners
Universo Pol
Morro de San Pablo, Brazil

El proyecto plantea explorar este entramado logrando un desembarco de bajo impacto en términos ambientales. En esa dirección la primera revisión tiene que ver con determinar la paleta de elementos mínimos e indispensables para habitar el sitio, de lo que se desprende, por condición climática y pretensiones del propio proyecto, la posibilidad de prescindir de cerramientos estancos, puertas de acceso e, inclusive, jerarquías programáticas.

Photo by Marcos Algelt
Ir Arquitectura
93 Competitions
[mavarq]casa DATRI & DASA
Brewinc Sheds
JDWA - Johan De Wachter ArchitectsBrewinc Sheds
White Cube, Mangwoo
ArchiWorkshop.krWhite Cube, Mangwoo
Abitazioni in Piazzetta Fontana
canevascini&coreccoAbitazioni in Piazzetta Fontana
Training Center
Zalau, Romania

A Training Center of sqm 1570 in Zalau (Rumania) that includes: an Auditorium for 210 people, a Conference room for 63 people, Technical classrooms and services.

Photo by Carlo Valsecchi
caruso torricella architetti
Contro le ideologie
Palazzo Reale, Milan

A reportage by Fabrizio Stipari

L.O.V.E., la donna crocifissa, il tamburino, la nona ora
Maurizio Cattelan
26 New Jobs
C.F. Møller Architects, Transform, Moe Og BrødsgaardCBS - CAMPUS IN SOCIETY
RATIO arkitekterTissue
Nuovo insediamento universitario presso l'Arcispedale Sant'Anna. Cona
Pierpaolo RicattiNuovo insediamento universitario presso l'Arcispedale Sant'Anna. Cona
Proposal: Mälardalen University
Arkitema ArchitectsProposal: Mälardalen University
New university building in Eskilstuna
WingårdhsNew university building in Eskilstuna