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Ampliamento del Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum in Port Elizabeth.

Sebbene lontane dall’equatore, tra il Sud Africa e Venezia scorre una corrente invisibile. Qualcosa di sotterraneo e proprio per questo potente, indominabile. Stiamo parlando di un’energia che appartiene allo spirito degli uomini come all’anima delle cose: la “resistenza”. Quel substrato comune, che vincola nello stesso modo virtù umane e potenze naturali. Vale per noi e per le cose. Infatti nella “resistenza” si coagula il principio di conservazione della vita, della sopravvivenza. Per questo il suo nucleo intimo e profondo è indistruttibile, inesauribile. Anche perché non dipende in toto da noi.
La resistenza dei valori
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Air Tree Shanghai
ecosistemaurbano, Belinda Tato, Jose Luis VallejoAir Tree Shanghai
The pulse park
CEBRAThe pulse park
Espacios de Paz – Venezuela
Pico EstudioEspacios de Paz – Venezuela
Two Tabernacle Street
London, United Kingdom

This distinctive workspace scheme focuses on providing high quality, contemporary office space, while maximising lettable floor area and floor to ceiling heights within the constraints of a tight urban site. A list of planning constraints, including the conservation area context, complex rights to light requirements and limited access to the L-shaped site further defined the framework of the project.

Photo by Jack Hobhouse
Piercy & Company
The painter's house
Curacavi, Santiago, Chile

The small house is built on a hillside in Curacavi, on the outskirts of Santiago. It is a unique space illuminated from above by a large skylight, that in the night becomes a lamp. During the day this hierarchical element of the skylight, diffuses indirect natural light, while in the night spreads artificial light. Moreover, as in the exhibitions of Carlo Scarpa, this skylight hat, is the frame not only of the light but the space of the painter. The building on stilts built on concrete foundations and the structure was made of wood while the coating with panels of fiber cement and glass. Scanning elements between opaque and transparent facades wants echoed the density of light and shadow of the surrounding forest.

Photo by Augusto Angelini
Augusto Angelini
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Born Centro Cultural
Barcelona, Spain

Photo by Iñigo Bujedo Aguirre - www.archive.inigobujedo.com
Enric Soria, <br>Càceres Arquitectes
dal lunedì al sabato
10 - 19, ingresso libero

dal lunedì al sabato
9 - 19

richieste dal lunedì al venerdì
10 - 14

Piazza dell'Accademia di San Luca 77, Roma
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Giorgio Forlani, Paolo Santus Edificio residenziale e terziario a Bergamo in classe A
Joly&Loiret Maison du Parc Naturel Regional du Gatinais Français
Parking in Portalegre
Portalegre, Portugal

Within the definitions of the General Plan, the location of the parking is essential. Its frank and direct relation with the street is enhanced by the clarity of the relation established with all the equipment in the area, so it is not necessary to build a new structure with its costs as this offers the advantages of a large and airy structure with good light and naturally ventilated. Given its proximity to the Tourism and Hotel School as well as other teaching units as the Conservatory of Music and Culture Associations, which provides a large young population, this structure allows the happening of concerts featuring DJs.

Photo by Luis Ferreira Alves
Eduardo Souto De Moura, Graça Correia
Hanoi, Viet Nam

Located at the center of Hanoi, Cheering Restaurant is renovated from a long-closed project which still remains steel frame structure and reusable covering materials such as: glass, steel, bar steel, sheet-metal roof. The life on sidewalk, where many daily activities of Hanoi people, especially cuisine happen from daytime to nighttime, inspired the designers to create a space that recalls ancient trees – a familiar image in streets of this thousand-year-old city. The solution proposed welding the entire existing steels to create a new system that can bring technical pipes inside and be covered by low quality wood bars.

Photo by Nguyen Tien Thanh
H&P Architects
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Koyasan Guest House
ALPHAVILLE ArchitectsKoyasan Guest House
Antinori Winery
Archea AssociatiAntinori Winery
Cultural and Sports Center
BRUTHERCultural and Sports Center
Lisbon, Portugal

This multi-family housing building is located in Príncipe Real in Lisbon and was built in 1757, 2 years after the 9.0 Richter-scale earthquake. Our client wanted to renovate the upper floor flat – simplify its layout and adjust it to the life of a modern family – while respecting the building’s constructive logic and the spirit and scale of the historic district.

Photo by Nelson Garrido
Vlassides Winery
Limassol, Cyprus

The Vlassides Winery, located on a sloping site amongst vine fields outside the Koilani village in Limassol, smoothly becomes part of the landscape with most of its volume buried in the hill while the visible part is gradually revealed, benefiting the visitor with the magnificent view of the Cypriot countryside. The building for Vlassides Winery is organized within a system of parallel walls aligned with the sloping contours of the site. The entrance and the location of the interior spaces create panoramic views to the vine fields, to the winemaking and storage rooms equally, benefiting the visitor with a general experience of the winemaking process.

Photo by Erieta Attali
Eraclis Papachristou Architects
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a2o architecten Staircase scene
Mansilla + Tuñón Arquitectos Atrio Relais Châteaux
Residence Blanco Oostduinkerke
Koksijde, Belgium

The design of these two multi-storey properties respects the scale of the adjacent residential centre. Both buildings are able to optimally integrate in the landscape as a result of their underground garage and the planting of dune grasses. The buildings each consist of two fl oors plus an attic floor. Each floor houses a three-bedroom apartment or duplex. A uniform design was adopted for the façade and the roof to achieve a striking and distinctive architectural style. The preferred choice was white aluminium, as a contemporary application and interpretation of the white coastal architecture.

Photo by Cafeine.be
Buro II & Archi+I
STARring - Temporary Cinema

The project is inspired by a movie set that can be fit together everywhere in a short time. A Surface, composed by 145 square panels held together by special knuckle joints (made by textile strips) that allows a 360° rotation of each of the elements, ripples and droops for determining a 5500 m3 space that, once folded, shrinks to 78 m3, transportable on a trailer truck.
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Polyvalent theater
Lacaton & Vassal ArchitectesPolyvalent theater
Air Tree Shanghai
ecosistemaurbano, Belinda Tato, Jose Luis VallejoAir Tree Shanghai
COC Chiasso
Ostinelli & Partners architetti, Lurati & MuttoniCOC Chiasso
MOON – Christmas lights
Ben Busche / Brut DeluxeMOON – Christmas lights
Westlake Apple Store
Hangzhou, China

Foster + Partners has completed a major new Apple store close to Hangzhou’s West Lake, which combines an understanding of the local context with the philosophy of simplicity, beauty and technical innovation that characterises Apple’s products.

Photo by Nigel Young
Foster + Partners
40 New Jobs
The Nobel Snowflake
WingårdhsThe Nobel Snowflake
A Room and a Half
Johan Celsing ArkitektkontorA Room and a Half
David Chipperfield ArchitectsNobelhuset
Centro Internacional de Convenciones de Bogotá
Herreros ArquitectosCentro Internacional de Convenciones de Bogotá
"El Cielo Protector"
dosmasuno arquitectos"El Cielo Protector"