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Moscow, Russian Federation

SuperSurfaceSpace Moscow, da un punto di vista architettonico, è la prima macchina scenica realizzata di questo progetto di identy image per le gallerie del GRUPPO IRIS. Localizzata a Mosca al piano strada di in un palazzetto storico nel distretto culturale di Park Kultury a qualche decina di metri dal complesso di Yandex, SuperSurfaceSpace si presenta come uno spazio rettangolare molto semplice di circa 25 metri per 8, nero, dall’aspetto piuttosto brutale che accosta dettagli raffinatissimi alla radicalità della macchina teatrale nuda e cruda.

Photo by Ricardo Oliveira Alves
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Edificio Maipu
Nicolás CampodonicoEdificio Maipu
Casa T&G
Nicolás CampodonicoCasa T&G
Fundación Casa Wabi
Tadao AndoFundación Casa Wabi
Daecheong-dong Small House
JMY architects, Jaemin YOONDaecheong-dong Small House
Rainbow Chapel
Shanghai, China

Built upon the credo that developing an art space should nourish a city and its communities, the Rainbow Chapel is a wedding chapel intriguingly placed inside the G+PARK and near to Shanghai Museum of Glass. The façade pattern is made of 3060 transparent and semi- transparent elements using 65 different colours. The kaleidoscope windows of 6.8 meters in height give the Rainbow Chapel a happy vibe, moreover increasing the charm of the place.

Photo by Coordination Asia
Coordination Asia, logon urban. architecture. design
Roma, Italia

Architetture in movimento per la sfilata di fine anno della scuola di moda di IED Roma: due grandi ruote bianche rotolano nella strada, dando forma al tema della sfilata dedicato alla circolarità della vita e dei processi creativi. Lungo una passerella lineare, le modelle si mescolano con i movimenti nelle ruote dei due performer che indossano accessori e gioielli.

Photo by Cristiana Bezzera
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Ciambelleria Alonzi
Sora (FR), Italia

Dal 1890 la Ciambelleria Alonzi e figli snc preserva e tramanda i segreti artigianali legati ai prodotti alimentari e dolciari della tradizione. Tra i tanti anche e soprattutto quello della lavorazione della ciambella sorana: una sorta di pane le cuie origini risalgono all’età altomedievale. Date le esigue dimensioni dello spazio, la trasformazione del vecchio laboratorio punta sull’ottimizzazione dello spazio e su un uso flessibile. Il nuovo spazio vendita è studiato per potersi adattare a differenti soluzioni distributive e/o di poter essere riconfigurato nel tempo senza effettuare interventi murari o modifiche agli arredi principali.

Photo by Paolo Emilio Bellisario, Valerio Bracci
Paolo Emilio Bellisario, Valerio Bracci
Dwelling in Tormantos
Tormantos, Spain

The idea of the house comes from the fusion of two pieces that define a courtyard, which is the heart of the house.
Javier Lafita
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•• José María Sánchez García Templo de Diana
diverserighestudio libeccio - edificio a [doppio] blocco per appartamenti.
Riqualificazione Centro Soranzoe
Tessera Venezia (VE), Italia

Il Centro Soranzo, composto da undici edifici degli anni Cinquanta destinati un tempo a deposito di munizioni, è organizzato come una struttura socio sanitaria a padiglioni, con alcuni edifici destinati ai servizi comuni ed altri all’accoglienza residenziale. Negli anni il Centro ha adeguato questi edifici ai propri usi, realizzzando una serie di interventi puntuali per renderli agibili, ma non aveva mai affrontato, prima del progetto qui presentato, una progettazione complessiva, guidata da una visione unitaria.

Photo by Nicoletta Boraso
arbau studio - Marta Baretti e Sara Carbonera architetti associati
Wine cellar at the Bund
Shanghai, China

Designed in the basement of former US embassy in Shanghai, this club is organized with the greatest flexibility in terms of spatial utilization, with a highlight of the storage facilities for both cigars and wine. There are three open spaces that can be treated as one single continuous space or three separate spaces. The largest space is designed as a public space where club members can enjoy tasting of wine and conversation.

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The POP-UP House
TallerDE2 ArquitectosThe POP-UP House
raumlaborberlinJUNI PARK
Edificio Incube
KAIROS Pavilion
João Quintela . Tim SimonKAIROS Pavilion
Prata (PN), Italia

Transparency is one of the key values, which can be applied to the way projects are developed, to production processes and advertising, as well as to the company’s premises that become “transparent”, since they are genuine, liveable and light.
Kristalia srl, Sandro Burigana, d-recta
Mercato del Duomo - Autogrill entrance
Milan, Italy

The project renews this access and the large void connecting the spaces, managed by Autogrill inside the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. The setting was reconstructed from the original pattern of solids and voids in the Arcade, built between 1865 and 1878 to a design by Giuseppe Mengoni. The atmosphere of the courtyard, originally open, was recreated by removing the roof closure and replacing it with a transparent awning to let in natural light.
Photo by Michele De Lucchi
Michele De Lucchi
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875 Construction Drawings
402 Projects
Ofis Arhitekti Alpine Ski Apartments
••• Babled Nouvet Reynaud Architectes The Romain Rolland Elementary School
Cascais At Center
Cascais, Portugal

1st Prize for the Arkxsite Competition

An existing enclosure, the ruins, the ocean, the sunlight and the wind. Taking power from these elements, the new SiteArt center appears as a geometrical concrete monolith lying on the ground, encircled by an organic stone wall. The element turns, approaching or moving away from the wall, in order to create a series of compression and distension spaces functioning as sculpture gardens, characterized by different themes.
Daniele Bonetti, Andrea Fortunato
Spoonful of Sugar
Bengalore, India

Spoonful of Sugar (SOS) Koramangla is the 2nd outlet for the popular Bangalore based Patisserie/café. The primary goal of this project was to create a playful and elegant design that would complement the clients recent rebranding of their packaging and graphics. To achieve this, handmade custom tiles were used to form a subtle grey, white and pink backdrop in the Café’s graphic motif.

Photo by Tina Nandi Stephens
Collective Project
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Polyvalent theater
Lacaton & Vassal ArchitectesPolyvalent theater
Gdansk Shakespearean Theatre
Renato RizziGdansk Shakespearean Theatre
Heyri Theatre and Hotel
BCHO architectsHeyri Theatre and Hotel
Theatre workshops of Städtische Bühnen Frankfurt am Main
Gmp Architekten - Von Gerkan, Marg und PartnerTheatre workshops of Städtische Bühnen Frankfurt am Main
Lille Métropole Commercial Court
Tourcoing , France

The installation of the Lille Métropole commercial court on the ground floor of the Mercure tower represents an urban, symbolic and functional challenge. The location of this amenity will contribute to giving an innovative momentum to the Union district as well providing Jean Willerval’s symbolic architecture with a new coherence. Alongside the functional efficiency specific to this type of programme, there was also the need to fully preserve the existing façades.
Photo by 11H45 / PetitdidierPrioux Architectes
Petitdidier Prioux
No Dog, No Life!
Tokyo, Japan

Architecture for Dogs

This is the house where the dog lives, inside the house where the people who own the dog live. This architecture is a living space for the dog, as well as furniture for the people, a garden within the house, as well as a gentle boundary between the people and the dog. Our plan offers a house in which can be combined many different things that arise in the humans’ and dog’s living space, architecture for a space that holds a new abundance.

Photo by Hiroshi Yoda
Sou Fujimoto Architects
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Sokolniki Park
Groundlab, wowhaus, UrbanicaSokolniki Park
Sokolniki Park
Debarre Duplantiers Associés Architecture & Paysage, RDNK, Prostor, Fetish Film, Milan NeumannSokolniki Park
Sokolniki Park
Land+Civilization Compositions, Taller 301, LOLA landscape architectsSokolniki Park
Paesaggi Edibili
Valeria Bruni, Stefano Scavino, Paola GullinoPaesaggi Edibili
Parco tempo libero a Selva dei Molini
nuvolaBParco tempo libero a Selva dei Molini