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La kagu
Tokyo, Japan

Kagurazaka is one of the few districts in Tokyo that best retains historic townscape. The project was a renovation of a big warehouse of books located on top of Kagurazaka hill, for which we created a public space like a ground, together with a café and a shop. We opened the house toward the street, and connected its first floor with the crossing using an organic-shaped wooden staircase, which expands just like earth. The stairs diverge in the middle, and one leads up to the second floor. We connected the town and the warehouse, the ground and the architecture, the past and the present.

Photo by Keishin Horikoshi / SS Tokyo
Kengo Kuma & Associates
65 Competitions
188 Projects
Lo Espejo
ELEMENTAL - Alejandro AravenaLo Espejo
5 houses
Carlos Alejandro Ciravegna5 houses
Grønneviksøren student housing
3RW arkitekterGrønneviksøren student housing
20VPO - 20 Social Housing Units
kauh arquitectos20VPO - 20 Social Housing Units
HOME Arts Centre
Manchester, UK

As the base for the new organisation formed by the merger of Cornerhouse and The Library Theatre Company, HOME has been designed to allow for the commissioning, production and presentation complex artistic projects, as well as the hosting of large scale cultural events..

Photo by Mecanoo
Artemisia Gentileschi
Milano, Italy

Una nube di fogli danza leggera sopra il nostro sguardo. Sui fogli parole scritte a mano e nell’aria il suono di una voce. Un grande letto occupa il centro della stanza. Sopra il letto le parole si animano, si colorano e si sciolgono sino a gocciolare sulle lenzuola bianche tingendole di rosso. Ascoltando la voce veniamo colpiti dalla potenza della scena che queste parole descrivono: l’attrice e regista Emma Dante legge un passo degli atti del processo per stupro di cui è stata protagonista la pittrice Artemisia Gentileschi. L’installazione video apre la mostra allestita a Palazzo Reale di Milano e dedicata alla pittura e alla figura di un’importante pittrice protagonista del Seicento europeo.

Photo by Fabrizio Stipari
N!03 [ennezerotre]
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SPARK Studio
Beijing, China

Photo by SPARK
Offices of Architecture
L’Architettura come lavoro concreto

Convegno organizzato da GIZMO
Martedì 9 giugno 2015
ore 9.30-18.30

Politecnico di Milano
Aula Rogers
Scuola di Architettura e società
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Hertweck Devernois Architectes Urbanistes House PLJ
•• GSMM architetti, Giorgio Santagostino, Monica Margarido Struttura polifunzionale - impianto sportivo
Swimming pool
Bagneux, France

The purpose of our project, in an urban redevelopment area, is to transform the building’s image. The refurbishment and extension form a harmonious mineral body. The extension is in light grey concrete, and the original building, with external insulation, is faced with cement in the same shade. This minerality is continued through to the hall floor, in Lucerne quartzite laid as opus incertum.

Photo by Clément Guillaume
Dominique Coulon et associés
The Garden Studios
Aldeburgh, United Kingdom

Our design approach takes advantage of the existing site topography, orientation and mature planting to utilize the natural daylight, minimize the impact of direct sunlight, reduce the visual impact to the surrounding area and create beautifully framed views of the ever changing gardens and sky. The clients wanted the buildings to be experienced as part of the journey through the gardens.

Photo by Peter Cook
SOUP Architects
626 Competitions
68 Projects
FABER Headquarters
gezaFABER Headquarters
Kreinbacher Champagne Cellars
Ekler ArchitectKreinbacher Champagne Cellars
Antinori Winery
Archea AssociatiAntinori Winery
Bodega Tandem
Josecho Vélaz, Vaíllo + Irigaray Architects, Iván FernándezBodega Tandem
Düsseldorf, Germany

13 March 2015. The refurbishment of Düsseldorf’s famous landmark has won the MIPIM Award 2015 in the Best Refurbished Building Category.The administrative building, originally designed by Helmut Hentrich and Hubert Petschnigg for Phönix-Rheinrohr AG is one of the outstanding icons of German post-war modernism

Photo by HPP Architects
HPP Architects
Gare d'Austerlitz
Paris, France

MOM worked at the requalification of public spaces around the station, redesigning pavings, ramps and stairs connecting the station to the surroundings.

Photo by Sergio Grazia
MOM Architectes
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875 Construction Drawings
402 Projects
Johan Celsing Arkitektkontor The New Crematorium at the Woodland Cemetery
•••• SelgasCano El "B"
Green House
Melbourne, Australia

Alterations and additions to a small heritage listed timber cottage in inner suburban Melbourne. Planning and heritage requirements and construction costs fundamentally drove the outcome of this project. Our client came to us wanting a new house. For reasons only known and understood by the local authorities the existing cottage was deemed to be of some historical significance. We disagreed with that assessment but to no avail. It was a case of limp-wristed facadism by the authorities and heritage ‘experts’. Instead of abandoning our client we agreed to start from scratch, keeping the front section of the cottage and reworking it and then building a discrete fully new section at the rear of the block.

Photo by Earl Carter
Sean Godsell Architects
Guest houses in Relax park VERHOLY
Sosnovka, Ukraine

One of the challenges that faced the studio was the realization of the project in a short time. Designers managed to complete it within only two months. During this period construction works were carried out, engineering networks and communications were established, and finishing works and decoration were implemented.

Photo by Andrey Avdeenko
88 Competitions
Piscina Cubierta Municipal en Constantina
Fernando Suárez Corchete, Lorenzo Muro ÁlvarezPiscina Cubierta Municipal en Constantina
Cultural and Sports Center
BRUTHERCultural and Sports Center
Løgstør sports hall
CEBRALøgstør sports hall
Tepoztlán, Mexico

La idea surge cuando construimos Cafe Cinco (www.cafe5.com.mx) donde nos vimos en la necesidad de adecuar un baño muy económico para los usuarios. En nuestra búsqueda de soluciones, encontramos el trabajo del arquitecto Andreas Strauss que en el 2006 recicló tubos de concreto para adecuar habitaciones en un hotel. Conseguimos reciclar un tubo de 2.44m de diámetro por 3.50m de largo y al hacer nuestro baño nuestro cliente decidió hacer un Hotel con las mismas características que Desparkhotel.

Photo by Luis Gordoa
27 New Jobs
Liget Budapest Museums
Ian+Liget Budapest Museums
Hungarian Museum of Architecture and the FotoMuzeum Budapest
GSMM architetti, Giorgio Santagostino, Monica MargaridoHungarian Museum of Architecture and the FotoMuzeum Budapest
Hungarian Museum of Architecture
Középülettervező ZrtHungarian Museum of Architecture
Guggenheim Helsinki Design Competition.
Ateliers O-S architectes: V. Baur, G. Colboc, G. Le NouëneGuggenheim Helsinki Design Competition.
Guggenheim Helsinki Design Competition
JKLN ARCHITECTEGuggenheim Helsinki Design Competition