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Bologna Shoah Memorial - International Design Contest
In occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz and the International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2015, The Jewish Community of Bologna in conjunction with The Union of the Jewish Communities of Italy, proposes the creation of a “Shoah Memorial”. This testimony to the tragedies of the past is to be constructed and woven into the daily fabric of the city of Bologna and will invite artists and designers from all over the world to confront this highly important issue.
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Polyvalent theater
Lacaton & Vassal ArchitectesPolyvalent theater
Gdansk Shakespearean Theatre
Renato RizziGdansk Shakespearean Theatre
Heyri Theatre and Hotel
BCHO architectsHeyri Theatre and Hotel
Theatre workshops of Städtische Bühnen Frankfurt am Main
Gmp Architekten - Von Gerkan, Marg und PartnerTheatre workshops of Städtische Bühnen Frankfurt am Main
30 public housing units. Paris

Bordered by rue des Orteaux, rue de Fontarabie, and the Passage Fréquel, the Fréquel-Fontarabie block is the last stage of the development of the mixed development zone of the la Réunion neighborhood. This effort has sought to reduce the visible level of inhabitability, build new housing, value existing resources, and design nearby public facilities in an effort to create quality public spaces. The project to build thirty housing units has pursued a dual goal: to reconstruct the older urban fabric through small interventions within an overall framework of sustainable development...

Photo: © Julien Lanoo
LAN Architecture
IVB Operational Service Building in Innsbruck. Austria

Photo: © Paolo Utimpergher
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5 houses. Córdoba, Argentina

5 houses that work together, using the natural topography of the site looking for the best views. The project is located in mountain environment, adjacent to the tail of the lake san roque. simplicity, formal and material synthesis are the foundation of the project. Of this simplicity raised, emerge shadows play, visuals openings, and an insertion of low impact in an environment of lush vegetation. Heterogeneity in the form to generate a villa with its own profile. homogeneity in the material, to generate a villa with its own language...

Photo: © Gonzalo Viramonte

Music School of Brixen/Bressanone

Project by ETB
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402 Projects
••• Sou Fujimoto Architects Final Wooden House
Chevalier Morales Architectes Résidence Roy-Lawrence
UV house. Varese

Urban Villa è una casa per una giovane coppia, conversione di un capannone industriale a moderna villa urbana. Una struttura in cemento armato a vista è stata “calata” nel volume esistente generando due vuoti ai suoi estremi, sul fronte un giardino a patio d’ingresso e sul retro una doppia altezza interna...

Photo by © Stefania Matteo
Intecs spa headquarters. Roma

The project is located in a major and well connected industrial area finalized to the advanced research production, located on the east side of town. The building is a clear and compact volume, with an interesting relationship with its context. Thanks to the special facade system, which consists of alternating reflective steel panels and glass panels, the building seems to dematerialize, blending with the surrounding environment. The reflective steel panels are characterized by different depths depending on their position, assuring always different visual effects depending on the side from which the building is enjoyed...

Photo: © Julien Lanoo
672 Competitions
Beel & Achtergael ArchitectenDE WARANDE TURNHOUT
Galleria Sabauda
Vittorio Grassi Architetto & Partners, OBR Open Building Research, Studio Albini Associati, Rick Mather ArchitectsGalleria Sabauda
Estudio Carme PinósCAIXAFORUM Zaragoza
Grønneviksøren student housing. Bergen, Norway

The project is realized as two separate building blocks. It has an open and visual connection to the surrounding areas and to the city. he blocks are connected with external galleries addressed towards the open inner courtyards. The external galleries have a width of 3 meters, which makes them semi public zones. With the total capacity of approximately 750 students, the project have had a positive impact on the overall rent levels on small living units in Bergen...

Photo: © Cecilie Bannow

Nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Award 2015

The aim of the Beyond Building Barcelona-Construmat ideas competition is for the actual layout and physical organization of the trade show to facilitate relationships between the exhibitors’ space, visitors, presentations and seminars. The idea is to make knowledge directly available to exhibitors and visitors through the spaces known as the Meeting areas.
Applications are invited from teams comprising at least one architect and one architectural student born after 31 December 1974.

Deadline: 27.02.2015
Beyond Building Barcelona Construmat
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875 Construction Drawings
402 Projects
•• Sol89. María González - Juanjo López de La Cruz Centro de Formación del Cabildo
•• Carl-Viggo Hølmebakk Sohlbergplassen viewpoint
3 VAULTS. Torino

In un trilocale di circa sessanta metri quadri, a Torino, era necessario riconfigurare gli interni per accogliere una nuova tipologia di abitazione con funzione accessoria di Airb&b. Il nuovo assetto planimetrico permette di enfatizzare le tre volte che coronano il volume dell’alloggio, destinandone due alla zona giorno e una alla camera da letto...

Photo: © Jacopo Gallitto
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117 Projects
Madrid Chair
ecosistemaurbano, Belinda Tato, Jose Luis VallejoMadrid Chair
The pulse park
CEBRAThe pulse park
Riqualificazione del lungolago di Luino: dal Verbania all'imbarcadero
Stefano SantambrogioRiqualificazione del lungolago di Luino: dal Verbania all'imbarcadero
Piazza Incontro
deamicisarchitettiPiazza Incontro
31 New Jobs
Smart Giglio
Jacopo Montali, Guido Zanzottera, Eliana Perucca, luciano laffranchini, PAOLO PORPORATO, Monica Naso, Giovanni Santachiara, Elena Angeloni, Morfè architetturaSmart Giglio
Masterplan for the development of 'Ørestad Syd' district
Lieux-Dits SAS, Estudio Lunar, Henrich + ArtiguesMasterplan for the development of 'Ørestad Syd' district
Città d'opera e d'acqua - Area dell'ex merlettificio Türck di Pinerolo
Morfè architettura, Monica Naso, luciano laffranchini, PAOLO PORPORATO, DANIELA BERGERCittà d'opera e d'acqua - Area dell'ex merlettificio Türck di Pinerolo
Klekovača Competition
Dürig AGKlekovača Competition