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Medical Faculty
ELEMENTAL - Alejandro AravenaMedical Faculty
House 1014
H ArquitectesHouse 1014
[mavarq]casa DATRI & DASA
Casa Moisés
Jose María Crespo / Despacho CoupéCasa Moisés
Té TO Té
Opera de Marseille, France

Scenography for Contemporary Dance. The design consists of 50 metal strips suspended from above the stage, which give a fluid definition to the space. The scenography is a ‘frozen rain forest’. The rain, normally ungraspable to the hand, takes on entirely different properties when frozen. It becomes rain that we can touch. Rain with which we can act upon or react to. A forest of frozen rain that we can grasp hold of, hand to hand.

Photo by DGT
Xiang Jing & Qu Guangci Sculpture Studio
Beijing, China

The mountain shape building gradually setback towards northwest, in case of that, the pressure from huge building volume has been reduced, meanwhile, realizing better lighting and ventilation. According to “Mountain” shape, three dimension routes have been organized between southeastern courtyard to roof courtyard. Corridors, external and internal stairs, stones, plants have been organized by connection between skylights and pavilion etc. Chinese courtyard concept has been embedded in the whole building by contract between emptiness and concrete, sparse and dense, turn and return.

Photo by Atelier 100S-1
Atelier 100S-1
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Infinite Palace Catwalk
Prada Fall Winter 2015 Show
Milan, Italy

As opposed to a single stage, the new sequence of spaces multi- plies and fragments the show into a series of intimate moments. OMA disguises the existing room into a classic enfilade of rooms, gradually changing proportions as in an abstract mannerist perspective. The progression through the connected rooms simulates endless repetitions and symmetries, while providing the illu- sion of an infinite palace. As the models move linearly across the enfilade the audience, divided into small groups, are pushed to close and intimate proximity with the collection.

Photo by Agostino Osio, Courtesy of OMA

Location: Rome
Design: King Roselli Architetti

Construction and installation of the Library: 6 levels of ramp where platforms with reading tables are placed; each ramp fills the two Tower levels. The six levels are connected by a staircase placed between the Library Tower wall and the external facade, covered by magazine racks. Solid mahogany.
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•• Bernard Desmoulin Construction d’un Pole de Restauration à l’ENSAM de Cluny
•• Benedetto Camerana Incubatore di imprese
Ngamwongwan House
Bangkok, Thailand

‘Sometimes, an ordinary brick wishes to be something beyond itself.”
These words truly portray the potential of an ordinary material; the comprehension of a material which is considered as the petite component that can be composed as the architecture. The initiation of the project with the primary concept that focuses on the curiosity of the most common material, a brick. Formed. Besides, the intention to cooperate directly with the building contractor seems to diminish the complicated procedures in which many individuals have to be involved.

Photo by Junsekino
Kew House
Kew, London

Set within the Kew Green Conservation Area of south-west London, this four bedroom family house is formed of two pre-fabricated weathering steel volumes inserted behind a retained nineteenth century stable wall.

Photo by Jack Hobhouse
Piercy & Company
621 Competitions
[mavarq]casa DATRI & DASA
Brewinc Sheds
JDWA - Johan De Wachter ArchitectsBrewinc Sheds
White Cube, Mangwoo
ArchiWorkshop.krWhite Cube, Mangwoo
Abitazioni in Piazzetta Fontana
canevascini&coreccoAbitazioni in Piazzetta Fontana
Courtyard house of stone
Trapani, Italy

Starting from an existing structure built in the 1980s, which was never completed and ultimately abandoned, the architects have worked by subtraction, eliminating non-significant architectural parts and restoring the building to its essential components, enhancing the plastic and spatial qualities of the existing building. The spaces have been completely reconfigured according to the needs of the new owners, defining a new architectural image starting from the search for a refined visual balance between opacity and transparency which is clearly shown in the dynamic asymmetry of the new facades.

Photo by Angelo Geloso
Studio 4e
Het Gielsbos
Gierle, Belgium

Het Gielsbos is an existing care facility for people with severe mental disabilities, located on large, green, public domain within the municipality of Gierle. This project includes the design of a masterplan to replace the outdated pavilions that houses the residents and to design seven new homes. Previously, the site was cut in half by a central axis, from which a network of smaller roads branched out without any clear hierarchy. All pavilions were situated in the northern half of the site. The master plan suggests making better use of the whole domain by replacing this central axis by a loop road that would connect six new residential clusters, located over the whole site, with the existing administrative and sports facilities

Photo by Filip Dujardin
Dierendonck Blancke architects
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875 Construction Drawings
402 Projects
Batlle i Roig Arquitectes Linear park on the Riera De Sant Climent. Viladecans
Hiroshima, Japan

Toward the space such as the efficiency of 7m X 7m+α, I locate LDK, study + room in a bedroom, a guest room, a washing face bathroom, the second floor in the first floor from 3 surrounded neighboring site environment. I do it with the space such as two levels of efficiencies of 7m *7m while thinking about each space in minimum space, but can feel space more than physical area basically because garden space establishing in the road side is connected as extension of the internal wall. In addition, it becomes that I am connected to the site outside gently while securing privacy by this wall and kick it.

Photo by Hiroshi Ueda
Troia MED
Tróia, Portugal

Recortada por entre pinheiros mansos, a sua arquitetura de volumes abstratos desenha ângulos em direção ao mar e à floresta mediterrânica. A vivência dos espaços interiores é surpreendente a cada passo. A geometria é irrepetível, proporcionando uma experiência singular aos utentes. A paisagem variada a partir do interior encontra eco na diversidade de sombras projetadas pelos volumes brancos. Visto do céu tem a forma de uma borboleta que poisa num jardim.

Photo by Nuno Montenegro
Nuno Montenegro
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Memorial for Former President ‘Roh Moo-hyun’
IROJE KHM ArchitectsMemorial for Former President ‘Roh Moo-hyun’
Sishane Park
SANALarcSishane Park
camposaz, Massimo Bertoluzza, Andrea Simon, Silvia Lucchese, Me'rudj Rabiei, campomarzio, anålogo, giovanni wegher, Giulia Cerrato, Giacomo Fumanelli, Mariella Gentile, Oliver Savorani, Daria Smirnova, Iulia Mihai Alexandra , sasa ciabatti, Valentina Comuzzi , Bruno Detassis, Alessandro Gentilin, Ottavia Manzo, Jose Alberto Simon Montesinos, Kire Stavrov, Emanuele Zampieri, Isabella Largajolli Salvanel
Piazza Incontro
deamicisarchitettiPiazza Incontro
Community Center
Beselare, Belgium

This community centre is located in the centre of Beselare, in between the church and the municipal sports hall. The sloping terrain structures how the building functions, and allows a visual interaction with the surrounding landscape. The program includes an entrance, lobby and meeting room, located on the level of the town centre, and a multi-use hall on the lower level that is partially dug into the hillside. The structure of the building consists of a concrete, acoustically insulated main volume, housing the hall. This volume is ringed by a steel structure that houses the lobby and meeting room, and works as an acoustic buffer towards the outside.

Photo by Filip Dujardin
Dierendonck Blancke Architects
Spaceport America
New Mexico, USA

The sinuous shape of the building in the landscape and its interior spaces seek to capture the drama and mystery of space flight itself, articulating the thrill of space travel for the first space tourists. Making a minimal impact on the environment, the scheme will be the first facility of its kind and a model for the future. The Spaceport lies low within the desert-like landscape of the site in New Mexico and seen from the historic El Camino Real trail, the organic form of the terminal resembles a rise in the landscape.

Photo by Nigel Young
Foster + Partners
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domenico pastore (dp)ª STUDIO, Giuseppe RestaWONDERLAD
WONDERLAD: casa di accoglienza per i bambini affetti da malattie gravi. Catania
Marzio Clementi, Juanvicente Porcar MarmaneuWONDERLAD: casa di accoglienza per i bambini affetti da malattie gravi. Catania
BXL architects, Stefano Privitera, Francesco Quadrelli, Francesco FulviWonderLAD
WONDERLAD: casa di accoglienza per i bambini affetti da malattie gravi. Catania
Andrea Di Marino, Roberto Mallardo, Francesco Di MarinoWONDERLAD: casa di accoglienza per i bambini affetti da malattie gravi. Catania
WONDERLAD: casa di accoglienza per i bambini affetti da malattie gravi. Catania
Morfè architettura, Monica Naso, luciano laffranchini, Giovanni Santachiara, PAOLO PORPORATOWONDERLAD: casa di accoglienza per i bambini affetti da malattie gravi. Catania