Submission Guidelines

Self-submission is very easy.
First of all, you should login and start the submission at this link.

Be sure you own the rights for publishing! Otherwise, get the authorization from collaborators or photographers before proceeding.

The procedure is organized in four steps:

Step ONE - write the basic data:
  • title (avoid location)
  • abstract (up to 400 characters, not mandatory)
  • project description (up to 1000 words, not mandatory but suggested)
  • location (country/city)
  • status
  • year of design/completion
  • building type
Once done, click on the button GO TO STEP TWO.

Step TWO - credit all the co-authors if there's any:
  • the photographer who shoot the reportage
  • all designers who signed the project 
Authors can be reordered. Drag and drop them up to your choice. 
In case some co-authors don't have an account on divisare, don't worry. You can credit them at step 4.

Once done, click on the button GO TO STEP THREE.

Step THREE -  here you can add the visual documentation:
  • photos
  • drawings
  • video
For the best result, follow these tips: 
  • upload only .jpg (no .pdf .tiff .png)
  • best resolution: 72dpi
  • best dimension: 2000 to 3000 pxl wide
  • saved for web, lighter than 5.5 MB (photoshop/file/save-for-web)
  • avoid watermarks, borders, frames, and multiple images
  • video supported from youtube and vimeo
  • include at least 8 images and drawings (plans, sections, elevations)
In case of vertical images, the short side should be at least 2000 px or more. Please note that resizing images from small to large size doesn't improve their quality.

Remember you can:
  • change the order just by dragging images
  • choose the most representative image as cover (click on the small wheel below the thumbnail and select Use As Cover)
  • hide repetitive images (click on the green button below the thumbnail)
  • specify/change credits manually if needed (click on the small wheel below the thumbnail and select Change Author)
Once done, click on the button GO TO STEP FOUR.

Step FOUR - here you can:
  • add project data
  • add professional credits
Once you have done, go back to step THREE and click on the button FINISH.

Here you can find more tips.

You can bring your project to our attention by emailing the project URL to divisare@divisare.com
Remember that you'll be free to modify the publication and delete it. Just drop us a line in those cases.

Feel free to contact yourfriends@divisare.com if you have any further question.