Paesaggio Sottovalutato

Commissioned walls for the 4th Edition of Premio Antonio Giordano 2017.

These three interventions have been realized in a small borough of Molise, Santa Croce di Magliano: the main willing of this artwork series is to narrate about an anonymous and underated landscape, working on and keeping part of the urban surronding Molisan scenary.
A personal and reflexive research on architecture and landscape, that wants to hide itself on the walls of the urban area of Santa Croce di Magliano.

First, an incomplete architecture, that has been previously photographed near Santa Croce di Magliano, keeps new life into an old engravings representing a well-known Molisan infrastructure, composing of a sort of living infrastructure: it’s a revenge of the unfinished landscape, a very-common practice and style in southern Italy.

Then, the variation of the facades of a social housing project (CEP in Campobasso) grows up on an old engravings of a Roman Villa located in Molise, Villa Zappone, keeping high an example of social and utilitarist architecture.
This triptych has been realized on an 50s concrete unused church of Santa Croce di Magliano, keeping light on the stratification of roman, neo-classical, modern style.

Finally, one of the most iconic and appreciated Medieval place in Molise, Castello Monforte, became a sort of modern extension with a two-towers silos, photographed near Santa Croce di Magliano: a modern ruins located and over-posed on a old ruins.