Baram: Baraem, the celebrated hanbok(Korean traditional clothing) designer LEE Younghee

'Versatile Hanbok Creates Space' by CHOI Jangwon

For a special exhibition entitled Baram-Baraem, by the celebrated hanbok designer LEE Younghee, I was put in charge of designing the exhibition space. My goal was to create an exhibition space that would best capture and show the unique characteristics of hanbok. The central feature of the exhibition space for conveying the beauty of the hanbok, as I envisioned, were “walls” made of two layers of semi-translucent organza, which is a delicate silken material. The layers of the organza simulated the fog and clouds that hang over the landscape of mountains and forests or rural Korea.

In this project, I envisioned hanbok as something encompassing not just clothing, but also useful spaces. It seemed fitting for such roomy, dynamic, and breathing garments to form the basis of the exhibition design for people to walk through. With my design, the concept of hanbok was no longer confined to wearers but formed the surrounding exhibition space and filled it with flexible and free-flowing beauty.