A solo exhibition by ROBOCOOP. From April 7th until April 9th, 2017, in via Scalarini, 5, Milan.

Conceived and produced by radioarchitettura and CultRise, INNESTI is a personal show by the Rome-based urban art duo ROBOCOOP, active in the scene since 2012 with urban art installations, exposing a suggestive site specific installation and a series of unpublished works.
The first exhibition took place in the Monti area, a marvellous neighborhood in the heart of Rome, in The Popping Club, a contemporary art gallery in an former public transportation substation transformed into a cultural site.
The project will now be hosted in Milan, for the Design Week, in the creative graphic studio and architecture Di-ora-ma. For this opportunity, the project works will be combined by a new site-specific installation, a homage to the iconic Milan architecture.
A special exploration that will melt art and architecture through graphics mash-ups and collages.