Hibiscus Island, Miami,Florida

Michael Atzenhofer · Hibiscus Island, Miami,Florida
Michael Atzenhofer

Everyone and everything is going green. You can’t turn on the news or open a magazine, ahem, without seeing some play on the phrase. We thought the timing was right for a competition, our third, that challenged the current trend in big, bulging houses—modern, Mediterranean, or otherwise. Shrink This House asked our readers to transform a 5,687-square-foot, modern house in Miami Beach into a smaller, environmentally friendly one. And my, how you all listened!

Michael Atzenhofer · Hibiscus Island, Miami,Florida
Michael Atzenhofer

Entries poured in from all over the world—Bali, Austria, Ireland, Germany, Colombia, Mexico, Japan…totaling more than 60. Of the original entries, 10 were presented to the panel which would determine a winner.

Winning entry by Michael Atzenhofer and Johanna Atzenhofer

About the winning project:

"When you look at all the louvers and the geometry of the house it looks like it has a lineage to Florida’s modern past, yet also has some relationship to the [original] house. This is more of a conceptual format...it doesn’t just cut up the existing one.”

—Max Strang

“I like it for the floor plan because they keep the living space very attractive. What I don’t like in this rendering is that it’s too modern...you have no walls, only glass and columns; that for me is a little cold.

—Daniel Latour