Competition: Barcelona hostel tower 2011

Els Gegants Tower

Flavio Cucina , Valentina Colonna, Simone Maniscalco · Competition: Barcelona hostel tower 2011
Flavio Cucina

“Els Gegants” tower

bohemian hostel in Barcelona

The project consists in two main vertical elements “Els Gegants” connected by floors of different diameter and oriented to the relative directions:
the square “Placa dels Angles” in front of the MACBA Museum, and the closed space behind
“Carrer de les Ramelleres” looking to northeast on the other side.
The first element with a rounded shape and a continuos surface, is mainly used from the visitors of the building, clients of the store and the sky bar; this one is close to the trafic area and
receive the attention of many tourist also attracted from the museum of contemporary; the skin of this “giant” is more illuminated during the night and sinuous.
The second “giant” is more fragmented and edged, is filled with plants and green elements;
this one contains the vertical distributions for the clients of the hostel: double rooms, shared bathrooms, dining area, terraces and suspended levels for relax and internet connections; this shape is more geometrical.
Absorption of maximum natural light during the day and the large amount of green spaces are the main characteristics of this project; other peculiarities are an open courtyard created from the two steel structures, suspended levels and external rounded balconies directly inspired from Gaudi architecture.