José María Sánchez García · ON TIPTOE
José María Sánchez García


José María Sánchez García · ON TIPTOE
José María Sánchez García

The project must be understood as an intervention as respectful as possible in place, avoiding visual and physical barriers and integrating itself within an environment of great scenic and environmental value as neutrally as possible. It rises from ground level, floating on it, without changing the topography, reducing the points of contact with the ground to the minimum, communicating and putting in visual relation two spaces that were isolated. Between the building and the ground these shadow bands create a series of outdoor but sheltered spaces for recreation and strolling, gardening orange and lemon trees and orchards.

José María Sánchez García · ON TIPTOE
José María Sánchez García

The topography is not modified. On the contrary, we reduce the surface in contact with the ground to the minimum in the vertical structure. The only impact that occurs comes from the foundation of the pillars. Rather than imposing the building to match the topography, we take advantage of it, making it our ally and integrating it into the project, because we understand that the relationship with it is essential to generate access to the building.

The project takes into account the preexistence and the forceful language of the railway tracks, and assimilates and reinterprets it. There are no barriers, creating a large park on ground floor and a big walking deck. Faced with an adverse condition, and maintaining the original elements, we create a completely open space, full of activity and a new stroll at various levels

The building is intended as a convoy of trains, as an elevated road which will concatenate the various wagons that form the different programs, a new urban space with uses that revitalize the environment without sacrificing the inherited railroad tracks. All of them are preserved, using the drawing of the railroad tracks no longer used as the base for the pedestrian tracks.

The differences in height that occur at each point between the ground and the main floor of the project is not continuous. This will generate different ways to access the building, depending on the relationship with the ground at each access point, with either a ramp or through a core of vertical communication.

Different programs are concatenated with a total connection at different levels. Each use has its own access to independently service the activities, and is separated from the rest of the uses by a covered terrace linked with the vertical elements of communication. The deck is accessible from these cores and can be completely walked on foot.

The building is integrated into the environment so that its volume becomes part of the landscape. Thanks to the stainless steel sheet of the facade, it disappears because it reflects the surrounding landscape, the changing light, the movement of leaves in the wind or the flight of birds; the building becomes a chameleon into the environment. The building will take the colors and light of different seasons and times of the day, dematerializing and integrating itself in the environment

The construction was understood more as an assembly of pieces rather than a conventional construction, as if the building was a great meccano. This can be achieved thanks to a systematizing of the steel structure and a homogenization of the constructive systems in the whole project.


The building is conceived as a sandwich between two floors. Pipelines and energy are distributed all around the project so that distribution is efficient, registration and maintenance is easy, and there is a minimum impact on the ground, since its distribution is not based in trenches or excavations in the ground

The structure is made, primarily, of steel, the main beams covering a maximum of 7 meters, separated 2.5 meters. Vertical structural elements are also of steel. Floors have been constructed using steel floor decking systems. The foundation has been made of reinforced concrete coming from the resistance substrate 2.20 meters below ground level.

The roof is flat and fully accessible. It works like a promenade which gives a complete overview of the surroundings.