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Il progetto si è posto il duplice obiettivo di costruire, da una parte, un nuovo “luogo” di centralità dotato di una propria identità, dall’altra quello di confermare la vocazione del sito quale “luogo” di passaggio e accesso alla “città culturale”.
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Intecs spa headquarters
Modostudio, Sofia CattinariIntecs spa headquarters
Instituto de Enseñanza Secundaria “Chaves Nogales” en Sevilla Este
Fernando Suárez Corchete, Lorenzo Muro ÁlvarezInstituto de Enseñanza Secundaria “Chaves Nogales” en Sevilla Este
Cut Paw Paw
Andrew Maynard ArchitectsCut Paw Paw
The POP-UP House
TallerDE2 ArquitectosThe POP-UP House
A cura di Luca Molinari

STUDIO STEFANIA MISCETTI è lieto di presentare STRUCTURES un’installazione composta da 50 modelli di architettura realizzati dallo Studio Labics tra il 2014 e il 2015. I modelli sono stati costruiti a partire da una matrice astratta le cui generatrici possono essere ricondotte a pochi archetipi spaziali ricorrenti nella ricerca dello studio: il confine tra interno ed esterno, tra spazi dilatati e spazi compressi, tra oggetto singolare e serie, tra architettura e paesaggio.

Inaugurazione: giovedì 23 aprile 2015 – ore 18.30
Atelier 100s+1 Studio and Family House
Beijing, China

This building base features: an area of nearly 200 acres, 50 meters long from east to west, 25 meters long from south to north. The base from the east side is 6 meters above the water. North and south sides of the building are adjacent to other studios, on the west side is the village-level road. 100s-1 studio was built in 2011, with an area of 309 square meters, a quarter of the total area of the base. The door of studio opened on the west side of the village-level road. Five tier courtyards from west to east formed the space, and continuously with ups and downs to the pond.

Photo by Atelier 100S-1
Atelier 100S-1
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Australian Pavilion
Venezia, Italy

The design of the new Australian Pavilion is of the utmost simplicity, architecturally expressed as a white box within a black box. The exterior, a black granite envelope, features large operable panels which open up to ‘reveal’ the interior or to provide outlook or natural light. The operable panels also allow for the otherwise solid, singular object to take on a changing character depending on the requirements of a particular exhibition.

Photo by John Gollings
Denton Corker Marshall

Location: Rome
Design: King Roselli Architetti

Construction and installation of the Library: 6 levels of ramp where platforms with reading tables are placed; each ramp fills the two Tower levels. The six levels are connected by a staircase placed between the Library Tower wall and the external facade, covered by magazine racks. Solid mahogany.
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Labics MAST
•• FRES architectes > Laurent Gravier + Sara Martin Camara 23 dwellings
Aimer Lingerie Factory
Beijing, China

When Aimer first approached Crossboundaries in 2004, it requested a factory compound of 14000 sqm gross floor area that could house conventional storage, manufacturing, and a 300-people dormitory by individual functions. However, as Aimer grew rapidly in China, the leadership quickly foresaw the importance to upgrade its operation shifting from a production-focused business to a genuine fashion brand. In order to reinforce its brand image and adapt to a maturing economy, Crossboundaries was asked to add a Research and Development office, a 23000sqm distribution center as well as spaces to showcase its products.

Photo by Xia Zhi, Yang Chao Ying
<small>Crossboundaries Architects</small>
Progetto di riqualificazione di Piazza Augusto Imperatore, Roma

Progetto esecutivo del 1° stralcio
Il progetto attuale, redatto dal gruppo vincitore di un concorso internazionale del 2006, tende in primo luogo a ripristinare il senso e l’importanza dell’area come spazio pubblico. In sintesi si propone che la città si riavvicini al monumento e dialoghi con esso, contrastando la tendenza a trattare le aree archeologiche come luoghi inaccessibili e generalmente incomprensibili.
Francesco Cellini, ATP Urbs et Civitas
629 Competitions
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Anglet South Coastline
Debarre Duplantiers Associés Architecture & PaysageAnglet South Coastline
New Bridge in Choisy-le-Roi
Jacques Ferrier ArchitecturesNew Bridge in Choisy-le-Roi
Alessandra BoscarolliSTRISCIART
Piazza ohm, Milano
Corvino + MultariPiazza ohm, Milano
Torino, Italy

Disused ex-industrial areas become fertile ground for the creation of new opportunities for urban renewal through reindustrialisation and the installation of business services.

First Prize: 10.000 €

Submission deadline: 22/06/2015
Reuse of Mirafiori industrial areas
House FMs
Ghent, Belgium

Photo by Filip Dujardin
Dierendonck Blancke architects
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875 Construction Drawings
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•• Fran Silvestre Arquitectos ATRIUM HOUSE
•••• Elisa Valero Guardería y Comedor Municipal en los Mondragones
Fukuyama, Japan

A plan in the housing built in the center of Fukuyama city. The site where touch the north side frontal road is bent slenderly in north and south, and the site is enclosed by housing and a building. The sky, the water, the earth sunlight and the environment like house in mountain that a look and interactive relationship with animals and plants are born also to play some time abundant in daily life in such site. A courthouse-like element was taken in the interior in three dimensions aiming at the relationship into which a person can expand the reach with concerning more, not the relationship sheltered from circumference outside. We cut site to 3 volumes and expected the connection with the external environment.

Photo by Hiroshi Ueda
London, United Kingdom

Turnmill sits on a prominent corner site in London’s Clerkenwell Green Conservation Area and provides over 70,500 sq ft of high quality office space with two large restaurant units on the ground floor and basement. Turnmill draws inspiration from the historic fabric of Clerkenwell and its present day incarnation as the centre of London’s creative media industries. The curved plan form is a direct response to the movement of people around the busy site which is set to intensify as Farringdon Crossrail opens in 2018.

Photo by Hufton & Crow
Piercy & Company
89 Competitions
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Casa #20
Raul Montero Martínez, Emilio PardoCasa #20
Hakemiya Nursery School
CASE-REAL, rhythmdesignHakemiya Nursery School
Instituto de Enseñanza Secundaria “Chaves Nogales” en Sevilla Este
Fernando Suárez Corchete, Lorenzo Muro ÁlvarezInstituto de Enseñanza Secundaria “Chaves Nogales” en Sevilla Este
Polyvalent theater
Lacaton & Vassal ArchitectesPolyvalent theater
Generator Hostel
Berlin, Germany

Bruzkus Batek Architects were invited to carry out the interior design of the public spaces and the twin bedrooms for Generator Urban Design Hotels’ new location in Berlin-Mitte. Here, continuing the idea that each hostel’s design be locally orientated, they have created a place that allows guests to immerse themselves in Berlin’s unique but contradictory character. An exciting blend of artworks, materials and surfaces invests the common areas of the hostel with a unique style. Recycled timber panelling frames the reception area and the café, interrupted by a horizontal line of seemingly countless hooks, and complemented by bright cushions and cubes in denim, neon pink and orange.

Photo by K+W Fotografie
Bruzkus Batek Architekten
Ciudad Casa de Gobierno
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ciudad Casa de Gobierno is a new city hall for Buenos Aires, housing offices for the Mayor and 1,500 employees. Spanning an entire city block in Parque Patricios, the new building contributes to the revitalisation of the neighbourhood and combines an environmentally efficient design with an innovative, highly flexible internal arrangement of terraced office floors. The architecture echoes the building’s park-side setting, with landscaped courtyards and shaded walkways, and uses materials that draw on the site’s industrial past to reinforce the unique character of the area.

Photo by Nigel Young
Foster + Partners
34 New Jobs
Paroi vivante
KANVA, AZPML (Alejandro Zaera-Polo and Maider Llaguno Architecture)Paroi vivante
Concours Ancien Manège
Gonzalo Martinez. ArchitectureConcours Ancien Manège
Concours Ancien Manège
Background ArchitectureConcours Ancien Manège