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The exhibition space as a pedestal for itself
at the Z33 - Hasselt, Belgium

An exhibition space is an envelope, a showcase for objects. But it also presents itself, immovable, steadfast, neutral and often modest. Z33 is no different. These brick interventions are corrections on the architecture of the building. They sharpen the gaze of the visitor, making him or her more aware of the existing situation, and bring to the foreground an alternative, whether sensible or senseless.

Photo byFilip Dujardin
Filip Dujardin
73 Competitions
682 Projects
Entremuros House
RCR arquitectesEntremuros House
Casa SZP
Nunzio Gabriele Sciveres, Francesco LibrizziCasa SZP
principe real apartment
fala atelierprincipe real apartment
Filo Art Bar
MAR officeFilo Art Bar
Paüls' doctor surgery
Paüls, Spain

the building is only one floor high, like the neighboring buildings, so that it could be integrated into the built fabric. talking about materials and constructive solutions we must say that the building follows the usual resources of the popular construction of the zone. the building is defined as a public one because of the symmetrical and contained composition, while the colour, the use of white in the outer skin and the roof, despite playing with simple constructive solutions.

Photo by Vora Arquitectura
Vora Arquitectura
MTA Rolo
Rolo (RE), Italia

L’impianto generale si realizza nella composizione di semplici volumi squadrati che toccandosi vengono a realizzare una micro urbanizzazione che nel suo insieme costituisce un luogo nuovo, continuo ed integrato. La prossimità o distanza di questi solidi puri definisce un rapporto spaziale preciso dove tutte le attività lavorative e di ricerca trovano la loro ideale collocazione e reciproca interazione.

Photo by Marcela Grassi.
Bettini Architetto
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Porto, Portugal

Kinematix is a spatial proposal developed for the headquarters of IT company Kinematix, specialized in developing technology for healthcare and fitness products. The architectural intervention is based on a continuous flexible system of sliding garage doors that create multiple spatial partitions, able to (re) organize the space in many possible layouts.

Photo by Dinis Sottomayor
Kaliningrad, Russia

The Non-Profit Partnership ”Urban Planning Bureau ”Heart of the City” launches an open international architectural design competition for architectural design of the Governmental historic and cultural complex on the area of the former order castle Königsberg in Kaliningrad.

Registration Deadline: 28 May 2015
Submission Deadline: 28 August 2015

First prize: € 50 000
4433 Results
875 Construction Drawings
402 Projects
Sergio Sebastián Franco Archeological Space in Daroca
Carvalho Araújo Mercado do Gado
La Roche-sur-Yon, France

Centre de découverte, de culture scientifique et de recherche sur l’environnement et la biodiversité.

Photo by Sergio Grazia
Guinée*Potin architectes
Shenzhen Software Industry Base
Shenzhen , China

Photo by Christian Gah
GPM architekten
593 Competitions
76 Projects
I - Zwicky
stARTT I - Zwicky
Konzerthaus Blaibach
Peter Haimerl ArchitekturKonzerthaus Blaibach
Centro Medialab-Prado
Langarita-Navarro ArquitectosCentro Medialab-Prado
Cyn Cyn

YAP MAXXI 21015 - shortlisted
Rome, Italy

Cyn Cyn è un innesto di un habitat produttivo in un luogo pubblico, un modello funzionale di paesaggio trasformato in uno spazio ricreativo. Trae ispirazione dalle qualità ambientali ed ecologiche di un paesaggio agricolo e utilizza la forza di un elemento artificiale per trasformarlo in uno luogo aperto e fruibile.
Sara Gangemi
Training Center
Zalau, Romania

A Training Center of sqm 1570 in Zalau (Rumania) that includes: an Auditorium for 210 people, a Conference room for 63 people, Technical classrooms and services.

Photo by Carlo Valsecchi
caruso torricella architetti
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875 Construction Drawings
402 Projects
•••• Francesco Di Gregorio, Karin Matz Föhr
•• Bernard Desmoulin Construction d’un Pole de Restauration à l’ENSAM de Cluny
92 Competitions
94 Projects
Hungerford Footbridges
Lifschutz Davidson SandilandsHungerford Footbridges
Park Groot Schijn, Zone Boterlaar Silsburg
Maxwan, 1010 architecture urbanism, Antea GroupPark Groot Schijn, Zone Boterlaar Silsburg
Gösta Bridge
MX_SI architectural studioGösta Bridge
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Dream Parking

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A totally invisible solution
Halle 12 der Messe Frankfurt
kadawittfeldarchitekturHalle 12 der Messe Frankfurt
Rok Staudacher, Miha Munda, Ambrož Bartol, Dominik Košak, Rok PrimažičWINE CULTURE CENTRE
Wine Culture Centre
Valerio Rompietti, Andrea Cavagna, Mario Lazzaroni, giuseppe coppolaWine Culture Centre
MOG ARCHITETTI di Arch. Leonardo Michieletto, Marco Fiorin, Nicola BulloWINE CULTURE CENTRE