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Concorso internazionale di progettazione per il quartiere della Città della Scienza a Roma

La posizione della Città della Scienza (nord‐est) definisce il rapporto di continuità con il Maxxi, il ruolo dello spazio pubblico e di via Guido Reni come asse culturale del quartiere. Ciò permette inoltre di conservare, durante la prima fase di realizzazione, uno degli edifici esistenti e di organizzarne temporanemente lo spazio come contenitore culturale. Questa fase transitoria consentirebbe inoltre di non lasciare l’albergo isolato in attesa della realizzazione della Città della Scienza.
Progetto Flaminio
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Parc Musée de la Mine du Puits Couriot
Gautier+Conquet ArchitectesParc Musée de la Mine du Puits Couriot
Recupero di edificio industriale: nuova sede uffici Codebò
Negozio Blu Architetti Associati, Gustavo Ambrosini, Cristiana Catino, Paola Gatti, Carlo Grometto, Mauro PennaRecupero di edificio industriale: nuova sede uffici Codebò
Sint Jansklooster
Zecc ArchitectenSint Jansklooster
HUB Greenville
Tenuta Högl
Spitz, Austria

Visto da lontano il progetto tenta di immettersi nel paessaggio culturale cresciuto della Wachau. Solo un secondo sguardo evidenzia che si tratta di una costruzione sculturale e alienata che riflette l’arte della produzione del vino in una forma astratta.

Photo by Elmar Ludescher
Elmar Ludescher
Safe House
Warsaw, Poland

The clients’ top priority was to gain the feeling of maximum security in their future house, which determined the building’s outlook and performance. The house took the form of a cuboid in which parts of the exterior walls are movable. When the house opens up to the garden, eastern and western side walls move towards the exterior fence creating a courtyard. After crossing the gate one has to wait in this safety zone before being let inside the house. In the same time, there is no risk of children escaping to the street area in an uncontrolled way while playing in the garden.

Photo by olo studio
Robert Konieczny - KWK Promes
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Multi-purpose sports hall
Mouvaux, France

The multi-activities indoor hall is revealed by an imbrication of volumes. Each volume represents a specific function : the first one, on the entrance square, hosts the gymnastic room, overhung by a second volume occupied by the dance hall. The third volume, opened on the other side of the city, shows the most impressive part of the program : the multisport hall. This strong volumetric expression is sublimated by a subtle treatment of the facades.

Photo by Sergio Grazia
Casa G
Cefalù, Italy

When thinking about Sicily, it is almost impossible not to fall on the easy traps of stereotypes surrounding its imagery. he great luxury offered there to designers is also the only possible strategy: totally abandoning any resistance.

Photo by Alberto Moncada
Francesco Librizzi
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lr-architetti House 6
michele gambato architetto, mgark MALATESTA, albergo di campagna
Great Land
Roma, Italia

A portion of the landscape served on MAXXI’s forecourt hosts YAP FEST, the museum’s program of summer events.

It is the installation Great Land by the Roman group CORTE winner of YAP MAXXI 2015.

MAXXI, via Guido Reni 4A

Photo by Gianfranco Fortuna
Porta Susa Station
Turin, Italy

The station serves as the entry point and linkage between Italy and Northern Europe. Conceived as much for the city as it was for its functional purpose, the station strengthens an important urban axis. The project’s striking glass gallery is an intentional nod to the historical glazed halls of the 1800s, from World’s Fairs to historical railway stations. Here, however, the volume derives its shape from a quite modern technology.

Photo by Julien Lanoo
Silvio d'Ascia, AREP, Agostino Magnaghi
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Office Around a Tree
LukstudioOffice Around a Tree
Twins' House
e.studioTwins' House
House 1014
H ArquitectesHouse 1014
Maison Terrier
Bernard Quirot architecte + associésMaison Terrier
New Horizon
Aarhus, Denmark

Playing with classical perspective deconstruction, from the inside the horizon line disappears. Experience the landscape as two monochromatic ever-changing Rothko paintings.

Photo by atelier 37.2
Atelier 37.2
Vanke Triple V Gallery
Tianjin, China

The client’s program called for 3 main spaces: a tourist information center, a show gallery & a lounge for sales discussion. Despite its obvious sculptural qualities, the building’s DNA evolved rationally from a careful analysis of key contextual & programmatic perimeters. The solution merged structure, sculpture, and space into a single form – resulting in the TRIPLE V GALLERY’S triangulated floor plan as well as the 3 soaring edges that have come to define its form.
Photo by Ministry of Design
Ministry of Design
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875 Construction Drawings
402 Projects
C&P Architetti Luca Cuzzolin+Elena Pedrina Casa Vr
studioata Casa Nardi
Zoom Natury
Janów Lubelski, Poland

The Zoom Natury Recreational Park is the first interactive scientific and recreational centre in Poland dedicated to the environment and ecology. Its six facilities accommodating, among other things, modern laboratories and multimedia exhibitions were designed by the Warsaw based architectural studio Nizio Design International. Zoom Natury has been built on a site measuring more than 10 hectares on the banks of a bay located in Janów Lubelski in the Lublin province. The official opening of the facility to visitors took place on June 12th, 2015.

Photo by Nizio Design International
Nizio Design International
Paramount - Alma Residence
sesto (FI), Italia

This project was conceived to fulfill a two-part problematic: (1) Residence Alma, a Tyrolean guest house with 6 holiday apartments from the 1960s adorned with a pitched roof, was due for a common circulation and service core, and (2) the project architect, Ulla Hell, was looking for a new home for her young family of five in the mountain community of Sesto, Alto Adige.
Plasma Studio
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Carlos Alejandro Ciravegna5 houses
A house of niches
Ayeneh officeA house of niches
DHUB. Barcelona Design Center
MBM ArquitectesDHUB. Barcelona Design Center
casa b+b
studio mk27 - marcio kogan, Galeria arquitetoscasa b+b
Cison di val Marino (TV), Italia

Con Ivetta pensavo a una sedia che occupasse poco spazio nel packaging per il trasporto, in modo da ridurre quanto più possibili costi e impatto sull’ ambiente. Il risultato è una sedia che si monta e si veste con un imbottito in feltro che è anche strutturale. In due versioni: sedia e sedia a dondolo.

Photo by Giancarlo Cutello
Giancarlo Cutello
The Revenge of the Worms
Piacenza, Italy

Migrant Garden
Untouchable Landscapes

“Migrant Garden” is a non-profit project initiated and supported by the Politecnico di Milano, whose proceeds will be donated to charity projects in support of the environment. The installation consists of 40 bird nests, designed by 40 selected professionals. Migrant Garden aims to promote an architectural culture attentive to issues of the environment, the landscape and the protection of cultural heritage.
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Tomas Ghisellini ArchitettiSUPERNOVA
Scuola di musica di Bressanone
Cez Calderan Zanovello ArchitettiScuola di musica di Bressanone
Michel Carlana, Luca Mezzalira, Curzio PentimalliWunderkammer
Nuova scuola di musica
Aires Mateus Associados, GSMM architettiNuova scuola di musica