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The Montreal Metro Project
Montreal, Canada

This is an ongoing reportage by local photographer Chris Forsyth. It captures the ideals of the city’s metro system- ‘Society In Motion’ and a unique architectural experience. Beginning in October 2014, the project accentuates the beauty of each station and encourages others to see their surroundings in a new light.
Chris M Forsyth
74 Competitions
592 Projects
Student Housing
CBBM ArchitectureStudent Housing
Comédie de Béthune
Manuelle GautrandComédie de Béthune
High School Extention
Ateliers O-S architectes: V. Baur, G. Colboc, G. Le NouëneHigh School Extention
Wildlife observation pavilion Bern Zoo
Morscher ArchitektenWildlife observation pavilion Bern Zoo
Paüls' doctor surgery
Paüls, Spain

the building is only one floor high, like the neighboring buildings, so that it could be integrated into the built fabric. talking about materials and constructive solutions we must say that the building follows the usual resources of the popular construction of the zone. the building is defined as a public one because of the symmetrical and contained composition, while the colour, the use of white in the outer skin and the roof, despite playing with simple constructive solutions.

Photo by Vora Arquitectura
Vora Arquitectura
MTA Rolo
Rolo (RE), Italia

L’impianto generale si realizza nella composizione di semplici volumi squadrati che toccandosi vengono a realizzare una micro urbanizzazione che nel suo insieme costituisce un luogo nuovo, continuo ed integrato. La prossimità o distanza di questi solidi puri definisce un rapporto spaziale preciso dove tutte le attività lavorative e di ricerca trovano la loro ideale collocazione e reciproca interazione.

Photo by Marcela Grassi.
Bettini Architetto
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Porto, Portugal

Kinematix is a spatial proposal developed for the headquarters of IT company Kinematix, specialized in developing technology for healthcare and fitness products. The architectural intervention is based on a continuous flexible system of sliding garage doors that create multiple spatial partitions, able to (re) organize the space in many possible layouts.

Photo by Dinis Sottomayor
Kaliningrad, Russia

The Non-Profit Partnership ”Urban Planning Bureau ”Heart of the City” launches an open international architectural design competition for architectural design of the Governmental historic and cultural complex on the area of the former order castle Königsberg in Kaliningrad.

Registration Deadline: 28 May 2015
Submission Deadline: 28 August 2015

First prize: € 50 000
4433 Results
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Atelier Kempe Thill Transformation of the Town Hall Borsele in Heinkenszand
DinellJohansson Hamra house
La Roche-sur-Yon, France

Centre de découverte, de culture scientifique et de recherche sur l’environnement et la biodiversité.

Photo by Sergio Grazia
Guinée*Potin architectes
Shenzhen Software Industry Base
Shenzhen , China

Photo by Christian Gah
GPM architekten
607 Competitions
255 Projects
Medical Faculty
ELEMENTAL - Alejandro AravenaMedical Faculty
House 1014
H ArquitectesHouse 1014
[mavarq]casa DATRI & DASA
Casa Moisés
Jose María Crespo / Despacho CoupéCasa Moisés
Venezia, Italy

l recupero del palazzo in canal grande a Venezia si presenta come serie illimitata di stratificazioni/superfetazioni che nel corso degli anni hanno reso illeggibile la conformazione della fabbrica. L’intervento dunque si sviluppa in due fasi, la prima di pulitura,la seconda di inserimento della funzione richiesta e cucitura dell’abito. La naturale prosecuzione dell’antico, tono su tono senza alcuna necessità di prevalere su di esso.
Photo by [A+M]² Architects
[A+M]² Architects
60 Atlantic Avenue
Toronto, Canada

Hullmark hired Quadrangle to embrace the building’s potential and history, while infusing it with a contemporary spirit to transform the setting into a vibrant, neighbourhood hub. Quadrangle began by stripping away, revealing, reinforcing, power washing and sandblasting the building back to its original state. Honouring the industrial vernacular of the area, they added a Corten steel and glass circulation core that is boldly based in the here and now. The addition unifies the building at all levels, improving the flow and access to and through the building.

Photo by Ben Rahn/A-Frame Inc
Quadrangle architects
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875 Construction Drawings
402 Projects
•• sergio fumagalli, LFL architetti, Piero Luconi, Laura Luconi, Giovanni Sacchi, Alessandra Manzoni, Dario Zappa casa GT a Postalesio, Sondrio
•• Vector Architects Eco-Farm Series - Harvest Pavilion
Gisors Louise Michel and Louis Aragon high schools
Gisors, France

The purpose here is to give a high school consistent with the city of Gisors. An institution rooted in a city of human scale and rich historical references. A city which kept his medieval past and his contemporary rural environment.

Photo by Sergio Grazia
Born Market surrounding area
Barcelona, Spain

The urbanization of the streets surrounding the old Born Market has the goal to respond to needs and potentials, which an opening of a renovated building like Born Cultural Center will generate in public space.Connectivity and permeability. Traffic in the Comerç Street infront of the market has been eliminated and the pedestrian space was included in the continuum of the rest of the district, up to the limit of the Citadel Park.
Photo by Vora Arquitectura
Vora Arquitectura
92 Competitions
68 Projects
FABER Headquarters
gezaFABER Headquarters
Kreinbacher Champagne Cellars
Ekler ArchitectKreinbacher Champagne Cellars
Antinori Winery
Archea AssociatiAntinori Winery
Bodega Tandem
Josecho Vélaz, Vaíllo + Irigaray Architects, Iván FernándezBodega Tandem
Paizi 38
Beijing, China

Paizi 38 installation for the 2013 Beijing Design Week is essentially a preliminary act since the space is meant to become a new boutique hotel in the months to come. The hotel will be grafted into the existing building through precise insertions and punctual modifications; actions that informed our controlled demolition.

Photo by REMIX Studio
REMIX Studio
Kirchplatz Office/Residence
Basel, Switzerland

The design of this adaptive re-use project was born initially out of a design competition initiated by the City of Muttenz/Basel. The design was based on the renovation of an historic farmhouse situated within the historic center core of the city. The original farmhouse was constructed in 1743. Today the converted farmhouse serves as an office for an architectural design company, provides community meeting space, and serves as a compelling link to a new, adjacent private residence.

Photo by Børje Müller
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Tomas Ghisellini ArchitettiSUPERNOVA
Scuola di musica di Bressanone
Cez Calderan Zanovello ArchitettiScuola di musica di Bressanone
Michel Carlana, Luca Mezzalira, Curzio PentimalliWunderkammer
Nuova scuola di musica
Aires Mateus Associados, GSMM architettiNuova scuola di musica